Brush hoggs or beavers!

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  1. Has anyone found any good deals on the beavers or brush hoggs? I have been flat out slaying the bass on heavy cover and open water with the beavers! The only thing is that they tear to easy and you go threw alot of them!:B
  2. I've used Yums "woolybug" wich has an almost identical profile. I like using the smaller version of the beaver, but have not been able to find them for several months. I ended up buying them out of Bass pro catalog. $3.49 for a 10 pack. That is the 3 1/2".

  3. Have you tried powerbait the Beast? I bought about 6 packs of those also! Kinda the same profile also! They look good just havent tried them yet!
  4. Bass Pro Shops makes there own version of the Beaver, I like it a lot.
  5. Powerbait Beasts are a little thinner than the Sweet Beaver but I caught a few fish flippin' with a 5" Beast today.
  6. Pretty much the same setup though! Doesnt matter the shape i catch alot of fish on them! I have a tourney to fish tonight and that is all i will do is flip the beast or beaver! I should do pretty good!
  7. Fished a tourney at warsaw, ky tonight out of craigs creek! Water choppy, caught 11 largemouth, only 1 keeper! Used the beaver in baby bass and caught all 11!