Brunswick man pays hefty price to fish without a license

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    WELLINGTON, Ohio - $19 is a small price to pay compared to the alternative.[​IMG]

  2. Wow! OUCH! I get mine every March and I will never complain about paying the $19.00 again.

  3. For those that fish only once or twice a year, it's so easy to not bother with a license, except if they want to board my boat. No license, no fishing is what I say.

    I just spent $24 for a 3 day PA license for a weekend canoe float and met up with a uniformed officer at a stop along the Allegheny river and had my license properly displayed. Paying to play is cheaper and smarter than not paying to play.
  4. YEP!..I totally agree.
    In addition, I find that being properly licensed allows you to fully relax.....something I'm sure you can't do when poaching, & that's what fishing without a license is.