Browns vs Texans

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  1. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    What ya guys think. Browns looking very bad. Romeo has not faith in Quinn. DA back in and cant hit is man. I know Quinn threw back to back pics, 2nd was not his fault Edwards did not finish route. This is tough to watch.
  2. I can't take much more of this. I would love to see the Browns leave Cleveland for good. This program will never get this turned around. I am tired of watching terrible football from year to year and always getting my hopes up for NOTHING.

  3. And while they're at it, get rid of the Tribe, the Cavs, the Monsters, and bring back the FORCE!!!!!!!!! This city is sooooo sadddd. Tribe can't win, the Cavs will lose again, la loser will be in NY. I cant believe these guys get paid to play like my niece. Honestly, I can coach better for about $200 a Sunday- give me a break. I've never been to a Browns game, and I think the rest in this city should follow that lead. Seriously BOYCOTT the Browns for their next game. Maybe someone will wake up. We pay them by going, stop going and see where the money comes from.
  4. That was one of the saddest perfomance of a " professional ? " team , I have ever seen. This team was not ready to play today. I have been a staunch supporter of Crennel but the proof was etched in granite today. He has been able to have his team overacheive now and then. Like beating the Giants on Monday night.

    The level of talent in the NFL requires maximum effort every week. This team with its present leadership is like a ship without a rudder. The only thing us Browns fans have to look forward to is continued disappointment.

    Anyone wnat to bet that Romeo's days are numbered ? Hopefully his successor will get some guys that REALLY want to play.
  5. "Anyone wnat to bet that Romeo's days are numbered' ?
    I sure as heck hope so but Savage (who has to go too) just may give him until the end of the season. Hopefully their successor's will get some guys that want to play as a team.

    Edwards? I think he hears the footsteps and his hands turn to wood..

    Winslow? His supposed "Maturing" never has and never will take place.

    Could go on and on but it is no use until we get a new staff.
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    Edwards is fine if he is catching in stride or has the angle he wants on the ball. Anytime he has to turn and face the throw he is in trouble. Can't make adjustments and just can't haul the ball down. Very sad. Cost us points more than once today. The defense made some stops today. The offense was just a wreck. Hell, even the announcers knew our formations and what was coming. Our coaches just can't make a change in their gameplans... if they even have one of those. This was the worst game of the season and will hopefully be "bottom" for this Cleveland team. Mix it up a little guys, we've got nothing to lose now.
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    Short and sweet.....That game was disgusting! Coach is gone!
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    Im gonna guess 12 hours and counting until Bill Cower gets an offer. As a hardcore steelers fan, I dont know how I feel about that but it is what it is.
  9. that game was sad...i can't believe the way the browns are playing and edwards is just couldn't catch a ball to save his life. terrible...
  10. My take on the only way the Cowher situation happens before the season is over:

    1.) Fire Phil Savage and bring in Cowher as GM.
    2.) Cowher fires Crennel, and steps in as interim head coach for the remainder of the season, goes through the motions with interviews in the offseason, and remains as the head coach.

    Here's why.
    I'm pretty sure that the Rooney Rule, which mandates that teams interview minority candidates, does NOT apply to GMs or interim coaches. If the Browns were to fire Crennel and hire Cowher as coach midseason, they'd violate the Rooney Rule and get fined (possibly lose a draft pick too). When the Lions hired Mariucci years ago, they were fined because they didn't interview a minority candidate.

    I personally think the rule is garbage, but it is set in stone and unavoidable.

    Could we interview a midget for head coach because he's a minority? This is no slight on black coaches, but there are far fewer midgets than black folks in the world, so they'd be minority candidates too, right?
  11. Winslow and Edwards both have to go, Hieden blocks better and can catch the ball. I think theres to much contraversy in the team players calling out other players and there no control over this.
    Can Edwards catch a cold NOT!
  12. Lets just say things got bad at the game sunday.

    in the last few minutes they were chanting we want cowher. it seems like our fans are finally tired of losing... which is a good thing.