Browns vs. Cowboys / season opener

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by hardwaterfan, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Well i dont know what to think. Im hoping the browns can pull it together and come off looking like a solid football team, win or lose.

    been a long time since they went 10-6 but had to sit out the playoffs, but, here we go again. all the way to the super bowl. :D

    Browns 24
    Cowboys 20

  2. should be a great game! hope they come to play AND win!!
    browns 17
    cowgirls 10

  3. 1) I expect to see a pass rush given the off season moves.
    2) I want to see a more aggressive style of defense.
    3) Pray for no injuries...our depth (or lack of same) worries me.

    As already stated, I'm always hoping for a win, but would at least like to see a solid effort.
    I'm still not convinced Crennel's the guy to lead them to paydirt. Hopefully he can convince me he is this year.
  4. The only thing that worries me about this game is how our corners hold up. I still feel we need one, a vet. but we will see how they do.

    Browns 35
    Cowboys 28

  5. halftime....dallas 21 clowns 7
    always said the only good thing about cleveland is seeing that sign in your rearview mirror
  6. this is ugly!! browns cant even get a 1rst down!!! going to be a looong season if we dont improve 100%:(
  7. strikes me as a thing of beauty:) either the cowboys are just that good or cleveland is just that that i think about it is probably both
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    This is a joke....down by 21 with 10 minutes left on the 20 and Romeo decides to kick a field goal on a 4th and 2, SWEET!!! Romo felt no pressure at all today, joke! Pittsburg looked pretty darn solid today, next week could be just as ugly!
  9. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    looks like the road to the superbowl is starting well
  10. Give it time, for God sakes, they were playing the best team in the NFC on paper.

    Scallop...Don't get too excited about the Cowboys, Romo still hasn't got past the first round of the playoffs yet.
  11. alan farver

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    wow that was hard to watch.romeo is NOT the answer.absolutly no emotion from the coach at anytime.why would you kick a field goal he must have given up
  12. i'm waiting for the Clowns to play the Bungles. I bet Ocho Cinco doesn't do his dance in the dawgpound again.
  13. The Cleveland Browns are NOT a good football team. At least they weren't today... Defense plays soft on all fronts... Did they have a training camp? Did they work on anything in pre-season? Where's the pass rush? Where's the secondary? Offense was fair, but could someone please teach Braylon Edwards to CATCH THE BALL! Sad...

    I know the excuses will roll out tomorrow... We had injuries, the refs, the ball was wet, we were looking ahead to Pittsburgh. They got beat and beat bad because they aren't good. Period.

    Well, if they play like that, especially on defense, Pittsburgh will roll BIG TIME.

    First game of a long season, I know, but still unacceptable.
  14. I am a Browns fan and will admit that our fan base has the biggest percentage of cry babies.

    First off, as stated before, we played the Cowboys today. Yes the same Cowboys who went 13-3 last year. You are insane if you thought we were going to go out there today and man handle the Cowboys. I am not disappointed due to the fact that the Cowboys are my pick to make the Super Bowl in the NFC and yes, they are that good!

    I am excited to see what the Browns can do this year, but seriously, have you seen our schedule this year? It's incredibly tough...Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Titans, Colts, Jaguars, and the Steelers twice. Half of our games are against teams who made the playoffs last year. If your expectations for the Browns are anything like 13-3 or 12-4, GET REAL! It is possible, but not likely.

    Just like every team, the Browns have a lot to work on going into next week. I just don't see all the criticism necessary when they were playing one of the top 3 teams in the league.

    Be Browns are a GREAT ball team who will rebound from this game. No matter how they looked today, the Browns starting roster is a heck of a lot better than they were last year.
  15. until they get 2 cornerbacks and 2 more linebackers they will have to score 30 points a game to be in the game, there defense is just plain lousy. our linebackers are nowhere to be found in the running game, the dline is getting doubleteamed and our linebackers cant tackle or cover nobody.
    that is my 2 cents
  16. ParmaBass

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    I'm a Cleveland fan. I'm sick of all our teams having high expectations and falling on thier faces. Browns are supposed to be good this year, they won 10 games last year, that's why they have a tough schedual in part. They are supposed to be able to compete and today was far from a competition! Romeo didn't have the boys ready to play, period! Dumb fouls, wasted timeouts, kicking a field goal when they're down 21.

    Alot of "experts" picked the Browns to win the AFC North this season. Out of they gate looked BAD. And Pittsburg looked pretty darn tough today, if they start out 0-2 it could be a long season like Big Daddy said above. Next week is a must win IMO!

    And Braylon......Try a little stickum next week bro!!! You were all thumbs today man!!
  17. Our 2 corners are just young. They showed alot of potential last season, and will need to improve, obviously. There's no way to "fix" the fact that they're young an inexperienced. When we get Brodney back with Sean, it will help the corners out. Wright and McDonald have loads of talent.

    I think the defensive playcalling is much too conservative though. And that's hurting production up front. They dropped too many into coverage today, probably hoping to help out our young CBs. But, in my opinion, you'll help them more by bringing more pressure up front. You can't expect to put pressure on the QB with just Smith, Rogers and Williams, when the boys are sitting in the gun, and using a back to help block.

    I think it's a little too early to jump on our LBs and CBs, saying they're terrible. new coordinator, and alot of young players being asked to step up. I don't know what happened to Davis. He's fallen off in a hurry. D'Quell has been developing into a heck of a MLB, and Wimbley had a down year last year. I look for him to do much more this season. Still too early to write 'em all off as bums. I didnt see us making the playoffs coming into this season, for that very reason. I think we will end the year a better team than we were last year, but we may not have a better record.

    As for Romeo, I don't love him. I like to see coaches get pissed off, get in peoples faces, and hold them responsible. But I also don't think firing the coach every few years helps the team get anywhere. You just end up putting in a new system, with new personnel, and basically falling back into rebuilding mode.

    We got lit up by the best offense in the NFL today (can say that now that Brady appears to be done for the season). First week of the season, with young corners, a new line, and injured players...this was to be expected. I thought we'd give up alot more than 28. BEasy won't have another game like that this year. Everything went wrong with him today. And Stallworth will be in there next week.

    It's frustrating, I know. I've been a season ticket holder most of my life and it's not a great feeling like today, driving all the way in, $70 tickets, $20 parking, to watch what could only be loosely interpreted as a game. But it's just one game, and there are plenty more to go. If we get smoked next week, without seeing any adjustments on the field, I won't be as optimistic. Let the national media slam the organization and our players. That's what they do. Like how we were such a mess last year, the day we traded Frye. They ended up being pretty wrong...

    Beat Pittsburgh. GO Browns.
  18. the browns got to loosening up a bit they are afraid of playing better teams than they are you are as good as you think you are so wake up and play ball the season is not over don't play like miami did last year.