Browns vs Bears 8/28/08

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  1. Yep, I was there.......The following says it all:

    1) "Hey coach, I slapped that 2 hunnerd pound runnin' back REAL hard wiff my lef arm, but he did'nt fall down like my little sister does!"
    2) "Hey boys, don't run too hard. We can't afford no more pulled muscles!"
    3) Post game speech.."Yeah, we were down by 6, had the ball with 50+ seconds to go & didn't score, but at least we saved our last 2 time-outs!"

    & last but not least, Romeo motivated his troops by crossing his arms & looking as excited as mold growing on old, moist Wonder Bread. Now THAT'S passion.

    Then I woke up & went home. It may only be a pre-season game, but if these guys were playing for roster spots, they sure fooled me. I am a die hard Browns fan, but I am concerned! All I can say is the injured had better heal soon, completely, & STAY healthy, or it's gonna be a very long season. There isn't much depth there.
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    When the first string was in i thought they looked much better. There were no stupid mistakes, no penalties, no turnovers. The D line played much better, getting pressure on the QB. The passing game was working, opening up for the run.
    Once the 2nd and 3rd strings were in, it got pretty ugly. I thought Travis Wilson was making a good case for keeping his job, then he dropped that long pass that could have been a TD at the end of the 2nd quarter.


  3. I watched about a half dozen plays late in the game last night so I didn't get to experience all that you did, although I can say it does not surprise me any. I too am a big Browns fan but I am a bit concerned as well. I thought all through the off-season that they may not be as good as their record indicated from last year. I was hoping they would prove me wrong quickly this year. Well I am still waiting.:rolleyes: I know. I know. It is only pre-season so don't put much stock in it but like Ohiotuber mentioned where is the passion. There were a ton of roster spots open and I wouldn't want to be the one choosing bewteen those performances. Bring Dallas to town and see if it all gets better in a hurry. I certainly hope so.
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    There is only one thing that I can say:

    HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    There's one in every crowd !:p
  6. i didnt think we looked all that bad considering the last couple games, i honestly think when the regular season comes we will be fine, we deftionaly need edwards back that really hurts us on Offense.
  7. Yeah, we saved our last two timeouts. Do you understand this is the preseason, where the biggest objective is to not get your guys hurt. More so than ever in the last preseason game. Seeing how 5 to 6 had already been injured during the game, I don't think anyone should be complaining about not winning and saving our timeouts. That game couldn't have ended fast enough.
  8. Preseason games are pointless...the Browns will be fine. New England is 0-4 in the you think their fans are freaking out? GO BROWNS!