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  1. I'm I the only one that thought Bernie Kosar was drunk?
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    He sounded like that all last year too. Definately sounded heavily sedated!! I liked when the ref got knocked down in the 4th quarter and he said "I think they killed the ref" lol. Jim Donovan just moved on and changed the subject quickly. He definately speaks his mind!

  3. He sounded bad to me. Sometimes he just was rambling on about stuff that made no sense. I would not want to have to listen to him every week.
  4. what a dork!!!!!!!!
  5. I watched parts of the game, and both times I had flipped over he was talking about food. One time he was asking if they could get a Wendy's frosty or something up in the booth, and then at the end he was talking about a sandwich from Subway....I believe. I didn't know who it was at first, until they said his name at the end of the game, and then it made perfect sense. I think he might have taken one too many shots to the head while he was playing to make much sense now.
  6. I am also wondering...he also said "Harrison just made my list, & I don't mean my Christmas list". Hey, we all used to complain about the offense being predictable...well, "Bernie-isms" sure aren't!
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    I think that his doctors keep him heavily sedated so that he doesn't go out and take care of his ex-wife that took care of his money after the divorce.:D
  8. I just figured he was drinking all night and it started to catch up with him. Most of what he was saying football wise was correct IMO, but he was definately a bit drunk or something else. And all the talk about food had us laughing:D

    Maybe his broadcasting role model is Harry Carey:p

    On a sad note, I know it is pre-season, but the Browns look to be a terrible team yet again (both looked bad). I saw no signs of life for them whatsoever.
    I predict another looooooooong season for Cleveland fans; dang it!:(

  9. Really goin' out on a limb with that prediction. lol

    Ho hum...another year of spectacular browns football.
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    i hope for a bit more excitment this year. never fun watching a team in desperation. go browns!!
  11. All the more reason to be on the water come Sunday. :( One of these days we will have a real team, One of these days. :(
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    Bernie kept saying "Thats not the way I would have done it." Whats he talking about? I don't remember always being to happy with his play!!! Get rid of him. I always liked Brian Brennan. What happened to him??

    We didn't look that bad. Of course we are missing a key ingrediant. QB!!!!!! Brady I doubt is the answer. He has no one in Cleveland worth learning from and he cracked in the big games when he was at Notre Dame.
  13. I agree we need a QB. Even if Brady does have the potential it will be a few years before he can produce. We also could use a talented running back who is not going to need oxygen every time he runs for more than 3 yards. I know Lewis was a great RB in the past while with the dirty birds, but he has taken a beating over the years and he had Ogden to follow.

    This year my only hope is that we don't injure more key players again, we give Romeo at least one more year to clean Davis's crap, and we beat that team that has yellow stripes.
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    Kozar is definitely strange !!