Browns: Fry Gone!?!?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Shadowolf, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Full story Here

    WOW! looks like there trying to trade him to Atlanta!
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    You Cleveland fanatics are sure quick to throw somebody under the bus. :p

  3. I just heard it on WTAM as well....

    it was gonna happen sooner or later....

  4. Were rough! but we expect more out of our players.... This may wake up the rest of the team!
  5. When they trading the whole offensive line? Somebody in camp should have told him not to even try a 5 step drop. WhoDey!
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    Good for Charlie, maybe he will go somewhere where the team may actually have a chance of winning and the coaching staff isn't a total circle jerk !:D
  7. Browns trade Frye to Seattle
    Jay Glazer, Updated 7 minutes ago


    Apparently, 20 minutes of action was all the Browns needed to see to make a change at quarterback.

    Cleveland has traded former starting quarterback Charlie Frye to the Seattle Seahawks, has learned. Terms of the deal, which went down Tuesday morning, are not yet known.

    With Frye out of the picture, it should only be a matter of time before first-round pick Brady Quinn gets the nod as the starter.

    The Seahawks have been in the market for a backup quarterback, which will free them up to use Seneca Wallace in other positions around the field.

    The Browns will bring back Ken Dorsey, who was with the team in training camp, to serve as their third quarterback.

    In just over a quarter of play on Sunday against the Steelers, Frye was 4-of-10 for 34 yards and 1 INT. Frye was also sacked five times before giving way to Derek Anderson early in the second quarter.

    Anderson would throw for 184 yards and the team's only touchdown of the day, but also had an interception in the Browns' 34-7 loss.
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    Terms of the trade just released...........

    Seattle will give the Browns 12 chicken wings and a $50.00 gift card to The Home Depot for Charlie Frye.

    Good Luck Charlie!
  9. LOL Parma!!!

    I found this:

    Cleveland has traded former starting quarterback Charlie Frye to the Seattle Seahawks for a sixth-round pick, has learned.
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    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Nice PB, nice :D
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    Seattle got jipped...! They should have settled for nothing less than 24 wings and a side of Buffalo chips...! :p
  12. rumor has it Charlie missed the flight because he held onto the plane ticket too long.

    ROFL saw that on the forums at
  13. That's just wrong. :D :D So long Charlie.
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    i am willing to bet he will be better with a front line,as all the other qb's we've dumped off after they were shell shocked and gun shy. even garcia looked better .
  15. Boy, those Browns coaches sure had a GREAT plan for the QBs this training camp.

    I followed Frye's career since he was at Akron. Good person, hard worker, decent football player. Sad to see him go, but he'll land on his feet out West.

    At least they got a 6th rd pick for him...
  16. Hopefully Charley fares well in Seattle. I think everyone around Celveland was pulling for him. It just was not happening there. I don't know if he has what it takes to make it or not but he is going to a franchise that is solid and can maybe give him some opportunities down the line. Right now Hasselback is solidly in command of the team so maybe Charley can develop some confidence and get some backup time.
  17. I don't think it matters that Charlie missed his flight, 'cause it looks like he will get to ride out of town on a rail, probably the same one Tim Couch rode on. I always hesitate to call myself a Browns fan because of commentary like this. I doubt that Charlie Fry would ever be Pro-Bowl caliber QB, even on a good team, but to judge him like that is totally unfair. John Unitas couldn't make this Browns team a winner with the talent and coaching they have! If you put Frye behind a veteran QB for a couple of years to actually learn how to play the position and THEN put him behind an O line that could block with a good recieving corps and a good rushing game and I think he would at least stand a chance. The Browns have none of these things. They will ruin Quinn in the same way, if changes aren't made.

    Why in the world an organization would invest all of the off-season and all of training camp with Frye as their #1 man, then pull the plug after game one is beyond me. They should have spent their #1 pick on Joe Thomas or at least a lineman that can block instead of another QB to feed to the lions.

    I'm not sure I've ever seen a franchise as inept and in a state of disarray as the current Browns. It's going to be a long road to recovery, IMO.

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    You haven't paid much attention to the Detroit Lions the last 6 years, have ya! ;)
  19. Ya, but the The Lions won Sunday! They are far from a good team but are building. They will double or triple the # of wins of the Browns this season.
  20. Maybe so. What is 3 times zero anyway?:p I am sure (think) the Browns will find a way to win somewhere along the way. I totally agree that the Browns management it totally inept. I was thinking the same exact thing about making such a major change after the first game, heck after the first 1.5 quarters.:rolleyes: If they couldn't make better decisions about their players' capabilities than that then what have they been doing all pre-season?

    Actually that was maybe the one thing management did right. They did manage to get Thomas as their #1 pick. They pulled the trade to pick up Quinn in first round as well.;) But as you said no QB will develop behind that line.