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  1. > In a school just outside of Cleveland, a first grade teacher
    explained to
    > her class that she is a Browns fan. She asked her students to raise
    > hands if they are Browns fans too. Not really knowing what a Browns
    > is,
    > but wanting to be liked by their teacher, their hands all went up
    into the
    > air. However, there is one exception.
    > A little boy named Timmy has not gone along with the crowd. The
    > asks
    > him why he has decided to be different. "Because I am not a Browns
    > says
    > Timmy. The teacher then asks, "What are you ?" Timmy says "I'm a
    > fan." The teacher is a little perturbed now, her face slightly red,
    > asks
    > Timmy why he is a Steeler fan. " Well, my mom and dad are Steeler
    fans so
    > I'm a Steeler fan too."
    > The teacher is now angry." That's no reason" she says loudly. What if
    > mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot?" Timmy smiled and said,
    > I'd
    > be a Browns fan."

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    Fishing-Miller23 It's Miller Time!

    Heard it before, still funny. GO BROWNS!

  3. i think little timmy got his teams mixed up!