Browns Fan Lament

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Big Daddy, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Sadly, I am a Browns fan. What I saw on that field today was a joke. A BAD joke at that.

    This site's TOS are stopping me from going any further...

    The team, the WHOLE team, from coaches on down have no business even sniffing the playoffs this year. They are in control of their own destiny and what do they do? Take a GIANT DUMP.

    They were in a position to move on into the post season, but NOOOOOO. Offense was forcing it, even when they didn't have to. The defense played like they were ranked 32nd in the league... OH YEAH! They are ranked 32nd in the league!

    Grantham needs to go... Good for cutaways on the sideline waving his arms and making funny faces, but nothing else.

    They never should have had to fight as hard to get back in it as they did. Crappy coaching and half-ass play kept them out of it. Luck kept them in it, and teams who rely on luck and other teams to get them anywhere generally don't go far.
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    I told you earlier, they just aint that good. Neither are the steelers, but the steelers have more experienced players. As most browns fans always say.... maybe next year.:D

  3. Here Here! Could not say it any better.:( Another sad day for browns fans!!
  4. After being a Cleveland sports fan every since I can remember. Browns and Indians and finally the Cavaliers. I have come to expect all of our teams to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

    When the Browns beat a heavily favored Colts team back in 1964 27-0 . I think that used up all our luck for decades. This fall when the Indians had the Sox down 3-1 everybody just knew we were in the series. No way could the Sox beat Sabbathia and Carmona. Well they not only beat them. They whupped them like rented mules.

    I could go on and on like THE DRIVE , THE FUMBLE , RED RIGHT 88. Modell firing Paul Brown. Modell forcing Jim Brown to retire.

    Just come to the reality of it all and suffice to say. No matter how bright the star is shining on any of Cleveland's teams. That particular team manages to drken the horizon almost immediately. Anybody want to bet that LeBron leaves in disgust after waiting and waiting for a shot at the championship ?
    I mean the team makes it to championship then gets swept. Then Ferry and ownership stand pat ( no major pickups ) and so it goes.

    Anyone want to bet the Indians stand pat ? That Sabbathia leaves and we will get nothing ? My point is go ahead and root for them but do not put your heart into it.
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    You forgot the part about Modell firing Belechik and moving the team to Baltimore....

    Dear Lord please forgive me and help feed those starving Pygmies in africa.:D
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    I'll respect the sites TOS and not say anything at all!
  7. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    me and my dad have been saying it all year, Quinn is the browns QB. Anderson is not that good of a QB, his TE and WR's make him good, he always throws behind them or high. Plus he had Winslow widethat last play and did what? Missed him. Just a bad game by #3 nothing more, the Bengals did not beat the Browns, #3 did. Dont want to back into the playoffs but go Jets, beat Ten.

    The Run D played bad but the D did step up when needed, ANDRESON SUCKED. He lost us the game 4 INTs, 3 thrown right to the bengals.
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    Like someone else said earlier. Some people need to stick to fishing cause analyst they sure are not. :S
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    Anderson had a bad game, but a pretty damn good season. If he's not the starter next year there is something wrong. They're 9-6 because of Anderson and the O-line, not because the wide recievers are good. We would of been talking about the draft and who the next coach was going to be 2 months ago if Frye was still here.
  10. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Not Saying Frye was the guy, but with that line and the Wideouts with Winslow, Quinn would have done just as well and had been better. Anderson could be good if he would just throw the football, when he puts some ass behind it, he hits his man, but when he puts touch on it he sucks. He could become a good QB but right now he's not, and Quinn would have been better, and allot better next year after a year under his belt. I'm not just saying that based on this one game.
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    If you're basing it on more than one game, what makes you think Quinn is better? Because the last time I checked Quinn's never even taken a snap in the NFL.
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    :D :D :D
    Beatin a dead horse.
  13. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    I'm not just saying that based on this one game.[/QUOTE]

    Im not.
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    I know, Michigan fans are stuborn.:D
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    DA sucked today. Quinn hasnt taken a snap all season! DA has a bad game and everyone is ready to throw him to the wolves...WHAT A JOKE. Just like watching todays game was a joke.:mad:
  16. couldnt agree more! Anderson had a horrible day..but its no reason to bench him he's done a great job this season! now all we can Say is GO COLTS!
  17. Like Iv'e said 3 or 4 times now in different threads Anderson has thrown for 28 Tds and over 3600yds!
  18. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    It's cool lol, you guys say I'm stubborn but maybe it's not so much me. I don't see how you guys don't see that with a line that good along with that receiving core allot of QBs would look good.

    This just seems like a good time to speak my mind on DA, felt this way all year about him. He's good but not that good, he got the job done for the most part this season but look at it, the raiders game we should have won that one, team effort in the 2nd steelers game in that loss but he fell of pace. He is not consistent enough, he plays well in one quarter and in the next looks really bad. If he could play at the level or even close to the level he did at the end of todays game, or the end of the Cards game, you could call him good. He only plays well when the game is on the line. Please name a game when Anderson did not have to make a drive to win it or the D had to hold someone, B/c DA stopped playing like he was in the last quarter, a game where you weren't on the edge of your seat at the end, can't name very many.
    He admitted he thinks to much and fights him self every play he drops back not to force a ball in.

    Consistency sums it up, and he does not have it.
  19. I've thought about it for awhile now, and it boils down to one thing. Poor coaching. The game plan today was to play not to lose... It sure wasn't to play to win. Anyone could see in the first half Anderson was forcing his throws... Where was Romeo to calm him down? The defense couldn't stop the run AT ALL, where was Romeo or Grantham or anyone? Standing on the sideline with the blank stare going, watching it all unravel.

    Good coaches adjust. The Browns withered and died on the vine in the first half. The players tried, with lots of help from Cincy, but in the end, the game plans let everyone down.

    Fire Grantham and get a real defense in Cleveland.