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  1. wow! full story can be found Here
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    I have a feeling Frye is gone. His head has to be screwed up. First he's told he's the man, then he looks really bad in game 1, then the man that gave him the vote of confindence pulls him after one quarter. He just refused to throw the ball away, he likes getting sacked I guess.

    On a side note..... The Bengals D looks like they are gonna kill whoever is the quarterback for the Browns next week. If the Ravens O line can't stop them, just imagine what they're gonna do to the Browns O line??!!

  3. True that ParmaBass, I feel bad for our starting QB next week :eek: I have a feeling he's coming back to start mentoring Quinn? And Fry or Anderson will have to be leaving soon 4 QB's on the squad I don't know how long they can keep 4 on the roster?

    Google Dorsey under Google News the rumor mill is starting!
  4. I wanted Charlie to succeed, but we counted one sack yesterday where he had over 10 seconds & didn't get rid of the ball!! The young man doesn't make quick decisions & doesn't seem to read the field well, plus he is still staring down his receivers. I hope they do bring Dorsey back. He knows this offense better than anyone we have & would allow us to bring Brady along at a normal, safe pace, rather than throwing him to the wolves before he's ready & ruining another young man's career.
  5. I wanted Charlie to succeed also, some good points Mike. I hope the plan is to start Dorsey, I would hate to see Quinn started and ruined. but he could be a savior?

    But you know what? I have to ask myself what would Brady want? if the coach were to tell him it's your call.
  6. After seeing that game yesterday (and hanging my head) I bet Quinn was thinking "boy I'm glad I'm not ready to play, NOOOOOOOOOO coach I'm not ready yet."

  7. LOL I know that's exactly what I would say!
  8. Great...bringing Dorsey back is not an improvement to our QB roster. He is not very good either. You guys think Kosar would be willing to come back to finish out the season and be a mentor for Quinn?


  9. For a six pack I bet we could talk him into it! lol.... :p
  10. LOL...I was waiting to see when the alcohol reference was coming!
  11. LOL.... I feel bad but...:D
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    thats great news,now we have 1 for every quarter. thats about how long each one will last.
  13. It's great news because Dorsey can at least be a mentor. He already has a rapport with Quinn, and even though Dorsey isn't starter material, he has been around the block and knows a lot.

    He's like an additional coach..and make no mistake about it...if the Browns bring him in, they are bringing him in for Quinn. Period.

    Why they cut him in the fi rst place I'll never know. Neither Frye nor Anderson are starter material, so at least with Dorsey we have a Crash DAvis (Bull Durham reference) type of mentor for Quinn.
  14. Exactly my thought. If this is such a great idea to bring him back to mentor then why didn't they do that in the first place.:rolleyes: I think decisions like this one week into the season along with benching a starting QB one quarter into the opener are further illustrations of a screwed up coaching staff. I am not even disputing the decision itself to bench Frye but just that they have no idea what direction they want to go. This is a desperate coaching staff with knee jerk responses. It is only a matter of time before something gives.;)
  15. Doesn't matter who the QB is... The team as a whole is so bad and not playing together, you could put ANYONE back there and they'd get hammered...

    Sort of sad to put it this way, but I'd rather let Anderson and Frye get thrown to the wolves for 4 or 5 games that the team would more than likely lose anyway than start Quinn too early. He may be picking up the offense and learning the system, but I'd rather save him for later in the year.

    Re-sign Dorsey, cut the new punter, keep all the QBs until the bye week then start Quinn the rest of the way. Look to trade Frye or Anderson for a 6th or 7th round pick... You'd be lucky to get anything for them, as poorly as they've played.
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    Quinn started his last 47 games. Started as a feshman at Notre Dame. There is no way he was thinking this. He was dying to be on the field.

    We need a QB to run the huddle and the offense on the field. Winslow and Edwards try to do it while they should just shut up and stop dropping balls. I blame the coach for allowing this to happen. The QBs we have are scared to death to take charge.
  17. As we all now know, you pegged it...they traded Charlie. Quinn will be fine, as long as we take our lumps & wait as you suggest Carl. Good for ol' FLIP (as in "Coin Flip" Crennel).....maybe Charlie held the ball so long 'cuz he didn't have time to flip his coin & decide who to throw the ball to!... "I learned THAT decision makin' process from Coach!" Romeo HAS to make better buying a one way ticket to ???