Browns Defensive coordinator-any info?

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  1. I am a huge Brown's fan. Not at all upset about Grantham being gone due to that non-aggressive (aka non-existent) defense he played. I'm just curious about our new coordinator. I have NO problem hiring a "first-time" coordinator (ie Chudzinski), BUT I would prefer they come from a solid, high performing background...certainly not what the Brown's defense was. Promoting from within Grantham's staff bothers me somewhat, but I also don't know what Tucker's mindset is....any info? Does anyone know (given appropriate personnel) whether or not we can look forward to an aggressive defense, or the same old "rubber band, wait for the other team to make a mistake" theory? I WILL say that he did a good job with the DBs, given that they had no pass rush, so he just might be in favor of going after QBs more often so the DBs are not "thrown to the wolves".
    What do you think?

  2. If they had spent the cash on the defense, as they did on the offense, they may still be playing today. I donot blame anyone, especially Grantham. I hope the defense comes around next year.
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    Our defense can only get better. It would be nice if they could score without the other team immediately scoring points of their own. I agree that our secondary was one of the few bright spots on defense.
  4. I can't say that I was all that disappointed in the scheme of the defense. It was just the lack of execution. It is difficult to get blood from a turnip. Therefore rating Tucker based on the performance of the defense is a tough thing to do. I think the biggest deficiency of the defense was the rush defense and LB's. These were areas that Tucker did not control. I thought Mel did a fine job in his years at OSU and I saw some bright spots in the secondary this year as Cleveland. I hope that translates into a positive move for the Browns.
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    I have faith in Savage...he will fix the defensive line and linebackers.
    The Browns have a ton of cap room.
    I give him an A+ for what he did for our offensive line.