Browns and Bengals, Looking Into 2008

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    I'm not a Browns fan, as my team is still the pathetic Bengals. I thought I would break each team down and have a civilized discussion.

    The Browns.
    I think if they miss the playoffs this whole season was somewhat of a waste. Let me explain: Rather than get a rookie QB (with a very high potential) the important playing time, it was given to a another young QB that came out of basically nowhere (Anderson). I think Anderson's story is great. Ultimately though, what did it do for the Browns, IF they don't make the playoffs? The way I see it, it took time away from Quinn and created a QB controversy. How on earth can Cleveland not give him the highest restricted free agent deal? By doing so, doesn't he deserve to be the starter next season? So again next year the Browns would have this big QB controversy going on.

    I assume the Brown are going to try and bring back Jamal Lewis. If they can resign him, it's going to cost a lot more this time around. And what do you have.... an older running back that you'd have to think is closer to breaking down with a larger contract. For you Browns fans I'd hate to see you next year go through what the Bengals did this year in regards to Rudi Johnson. Of corse, no matter what happens your going to be forced to address the defensive issues

    The Bengals
    I can point to questionable coaching and bad luck in regards to draft picks as their main problems. If you think back with the recent draft picks that have not been able to play, any team would have problems: D. Pollack-out, maybe career ending, O. Thurman-out, rumors going around that he may not be able to come back to the NFL for continuing drug issues, C.Perry-out. More fragile than a sheet of glass, K. Irons-out. A tough injury to come back from. Think about how much a healthy C. Perry would have been this year. I look at Perry being a younger, better Kenny Watson. Think how much better the LB's would have been with Pollack and/or Thurman. I would think that the Bengals could have expected to prob have 2-4 more wins with at least two of those mentioned players healthy.

    Marvin Lewis has 3 years left on his contract. I don't think he's going anywhere. When he 1st came to Cincinnati, I bought into the "In Marvin We Trust" concept. I think Marvin deserves credit for turning the Bengals around from a bad team to an average team. I hope I am wrong, but I dont know if Marvin can now take an average Bengals team and make them a "good" team.

    I think the Bengals issues as far as Carson, Chad, TJ, etc... will work out, as long as they start winning. Winning solves a lot of those issues.

    Rudi Johnson: I think Rudi is going, going, going....gone. My question is what happens next year. If Perry and Irons are healthy, who do you go with: Kenny Watson, Perry, Irons, or do you give Dorsey a shot? For sure you can't keep Rudi, Watson, Perry, Irons and Dorsey. I think the most likely case is that 2 of those guys will be gone.

    I also look for the Bengals to address the Willie Anderson issue. I think there is a good shot at him being released. I for one would hate to see that happen, but at this point in time I also want to see the Bengals put the best 5 guys on the O-Line. Is Willie one of those 5?
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  2. Priority #1 with us should be the front particular the D line, its my understanding we will have plenty of cap space with possibly more to come if the rumors of a overhaul down there are true, Im of a mind to keep Willie as we need leaders and he is one of the few we have, I want them to make a splash in FA as our holes on D very well might be to much to fix in 1 draft...but yet not spend foolishly on guys who are obviously on the decline, dont put the tag back on Justin as he is not worth anywhere close to the almost 9 mill he is collecting this year, negotiate with him maybe..but if the price starts to rise or your bogged down in negotiations with him and you cant pursue other guys who might make a impact for us tell him Thanks and Good Luck, I like the way Parcells handled his undersize underachieving front 7 a few years back, he had 4 picks on the first day and took 3 D lineman and a LB.

  3. Don't know if it's true, but I heard the Browns may be looking at Chester Taylor for next year.
  4. Noooooo!!!! I hope the Vikings keep him, unless the deal includes either Quinn or Anderson.

    I heard Cleveland was interested in Michael Turner....they need to get interested in a defensive line though.
  5. Slightly off topic but I just read the other day(and I must have forgot this from last years draft) is that NE gets the Niners 1st rounder this year from a trade they made last year, so far that pick is the #2 overall, I bet thats the kind of pick Dallas thought they would end up with when they traded with the Browns last year, well maybe not that high, but not in the 20s where they will end up.
  6. I like the Steelers, but here is what I think

    Cleveland: The Browns should resign Anderson and Lewis, and just keep working. They have the capability to make the playoffs next year, if they keep their starting crew. But they need to be more consisitent. Anderson was terrible against Cincinnati in Week 16 and he blew a big lead against Pittsburgh, but they will be taken seriously in '08. Josh Cribbs also emerged as the AFC's Devin Hester.

    Cincinnati: The Bengals have the MOST WASTED TALENT than anyone. Carson is an elite QB, despite his bad year, he is still a top 10 QB. T.J. and Chad are one of the best duos, Chad is really good he wants to be, same with Chris Henry. The offensive line is inconsistent. Levi Jones is still learning and Willie Anderson is very injury-prone. The running game is also nonexistent. Kenny Watson did look good in a few games, but Rudi might be done. Their D is terrible though. The corners have only 3 years experienced combined, Dexter Jackson has seen better days, and the linebackers are decimated beyond belief. The Bengals are not a team at all; it is Carson, T.J., and Marvin vs. Chad, Chris, And Everyone Else.

    Did anyone see the Bengals-Pats when Carson threw a pick and Carson and Chad argued all the way back to the locker room? That was embarassing. Lewis needs to get a grip of his team soon.
  7. I would like to see the Browns get a 1st and 3rd pick in the upper half of the draft for DA. Then sign a vet QB and give Quinn a shot. I wasn't very high on Quinn during last years draft but was happy they got him where they did. He has since impressed me with his play in the preseason and in the last game. With a year of clip board carrying (IE Palmer) under his belt he should be ready for next year. Sign J. Lewis to a two year deal and use free agency and this years draft to fix the D front seven, a project big back, and maybe another WR and we should be set to make a run.
  8. Giving the QB job to Quinn would be a step backwards for the Browns. I have seen nothing from him to indicate he can carry Anderson's shoes, at this time. If not for a crappy defense they would have made the playoffs and probably advanced past the first round. The offense is just fine with Anderson. He will improve tremendously being #1 in camp this summer (if they sign him)
    In response to H2omellon about a quarterback controversy on the Browns... The controversy is in the media and in the minds of people like you ( no insult intended, just did not know how else to say this) The "Browns" do not have a quarterback controversy. The "Browns" know exactly what they are going to do.
  9. Winslow said he expected Quinn to be the QB. That should say something. I don't hate DA or anything. I just think they need to improve the other areas instead of having a glut of talent at one position.
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    bengals are my team and i say bye bye to rudi johnson. kenny irons will be back healthy and when he is healthy reminds me of a bigger and faster james brooks. We will find out soon whether or not pollack will be back, he has been lifting and running at combines and everyone says he looks great. it also looks good that thurman will be back and he is working out with the team. But my wish list for this off season is signing Haynesworth from tennesse hes the type of run stuffer we need
  11. I wouldnt mind signing Haynesworth as well...but I bet the Titans put the tag on him if they cant work a deal before the start of FA.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Anderson petered out a little bit down the stretch. He dropped down into the sixth round in the draft when he came out because he had streaky accuracy and threw a ton of picks at Oregon State. He's still suffering from both problems. Quinn has always thrown very few INT's and I think that trend will continue in the NFL. It's probably a pipe dream, but the only thing I differ from you on is after they get a 1st and a 3rd round pick for DA (if they can!), they should trade back in the 1st round this year and get an extra 2nd rounder out of the deal. Then they'd have a low 1st, 2 2nd rounders, and 2 3rd rounders. Savage could fix everything in 1 draft.
  13. im a steeler guy but id have to say the only team im worried about is the browns but you never know ,, maybe its the year of the RAVEN, LOL.
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    Actually, it's the year of the "Rat", but that doesn't mean the stealer's are going anywhere...! :D
  15. BassCrazy, I wouldn't mind trading back at all unless they were in position to get one of the premiere DL in the first.
  16. Agreed, but the two top guys, Sedrick Ellis and Glenn Dorsey, will be gone in the top 6 or 8 picks. It would be tough to get that high in the 1st round.

    Red Bryant, Ahtya Rubin are a couple of real nice 3-4 NT who will be available in the mid round 2 to mid round 3 area. If they have a mid-round number 1, I'd be tempted to go for a RB (Rashard Mendenhall) or an elite OLB who is a good pass rusher (Keith Rivers).

    Just my thoughts...


  17. BC,
    I agree on the Anderson thing. He is NOT our future..Quinn is! I say pedal DA now, while his value is up, because I don't think it will stay up. The guy doesn't learn from his mistakes, & we could sure use some defensive picks. Savage has already proven to me that he knows talent.
  18. What do you guys think we can get for Anderson? Personally, I don't see anything higher than a 3rd round pick. We could get a second, but a team has to be real desperate.
  19. I honestly don't know what the rules are (as far as compensatory picks) if someone signs him, but if the pick(s) is/are high enough, I would jump on it.
  20. Some people have Ellis going to the Ravens at #8 but I cant see them going defense when they need offense so bad, heck Ellis is a DT and they just took a first round DT a year or so ago with Nagata.