Brown Trout?

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  1. Just read this online...

    Where have the brown trout come from that are caught every now and then in our tribs? NY? I hope this means we'll catch a few more during steelhead season.
  2. nice, thats kind of exciting to see.

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    Ohio tried that some years ago with not much success. Hopefully it works out for them and we see some of those fish here in our tribs.
  4. I am not sure of the source since PA already stocks 50,000 brown trout 14-26in size in elk creeek at four different times throughout the month of april. Their brown trout stocking program has been in exisence for at least ten years. Thats why early in the fall in either elk walnut or sometimes conneaut you can pull a brown. I have seen only a few caught in Ohio waters but same with salmon. I also know that in July some brownies make short runs into walnut for a night, they come in around 8pm and leave by morning for about a 2 week period.

    Hope this info helps anyone trying to target erie browns.
  5. PA is stocking some browns in their section of the conneaut as well. The prior state attempts (in the 1980s) were limited to dumping loads into the geneva harbor, not seeding streams like they do with steelhead. Therefore, they probably went east to deeper water during the summer and never had a real reason to return to a home stream.

    Would be nice to see some browns mixed in with the stocked steelhead each year. The cleveland metroparks mixed some browns in with the spring rainbow stockings in wallace lake and the east branch of the rocky. Hopefully some of those will make it out to the lake.
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    I remember way back when.....

    This has to go back 15 years (?) , the state stocked some of their golden trout
    with the steelhead in the Chagrin. I remember talking to a guy at the soccer fields and you could see these guys running upstream - big golden flashes!
  7. The state stocked a bunch of footers in Hinkley five or six years ago during their spring stocking. I caught some downstream around Berea in June that year. Caught one over 20" in a small ditch the following fall. Looked like it had a neon sign on its back when it swam away. Easy target for the birds and snaggers.