brown buggers were the tickets.

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Patricio, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. caught a bunch of these things. for a while there, I couldnt keep them off my line. brown flash buggers were the ticket, and had to high-stick for them, as their bite was so very gentle today. the biggest was about 30", slightly over me thinks.

  2. good problem to have!
  3. Flyfish Dog

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    At least you had a blast! What weight rod you using?
  4. Fishaholic69

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    never thought a steelie would bite brown buggers. noone ever seems to mention that when you ask um. I will have to try that out. suppose it could of looked like some brown stoneflies or crayfish.
  5. have used brown and olive buggers before
  6. Fishaholic69

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    thanks good to know. got plenty of um. what size you guys usually use? I usually tie um in 6,8,and 10
  7. I use a 6wt rod.

    buggers are my main goto fly for steelies. usually in olive, but this weekend it was brown, in smaller sizes.

    went back out monday for an hour and hooked into plenty more. they were fun.
  8. what river were you in?
  9. creekcrawler

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    If they were caught on sunday, it was a ditch, not a river......
  10. Fishaholic69

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    I finally found a ditch today! can't wait to get out there again!