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  1. I'm headed to Brookville with my fly fishing class here at Miami University pretty soon and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me. I've never been to the water so I'm not sure what to expect. Any info on the water would be of a great help so I can prepare to catch some trout. Thanks for all the help.
  2. depending on the water levels and when you go there are a few things you should expect. if the water is high, throw big streamers,...huge streamers if you dont get bit.:B most of the time once the lake hits summer pool (low clear tailwater) there are two big approaches. the main forage in the btw are the midges, they tend to run small(i havnt seen them bigger than a 20 there), so a collection of small midges helps fight off getting skunked. i carry down to a #30 and have know a gentalman who uses 32's. if you dont want to frustrate yourself with small flies, i dont blame you. small nymphs, PT's in particular work well, as well as many of the BHmidges out there. basically anything 18-20 and dark fished behind a #16-14 BH haresear or stone works. light tippets can help alot, i carry 5-8x in the summer though i never use 8. small terrestrials work in the late summer, as well as small parachute bwo's #20-22 klinkhammer types in black or gray, they all take some fish. the main thing to expect from the btw is your presentation makes the difference between lots of refusals, and getting some takes, its brookville you will get lots of refusals if your fishing dries. this is more for the approaching spring/summer, winter(right now) just throw streamers:) i may have forgot somthing, if you want any more info send me a pm.