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  1. My dad taught me to fish on brookville lake. Lately he has lost interest in fishing and wants to sell our boat. we havent been to brookville in 5 years but if i am going to get my dad excited about fishing again i think it would be on this lake. any information on where to catch walleyes and stripers on brookville would be appreciated or hell even sucess stories so i could tell him.
    Also i am going to miami white water for cats this weekend i will post some pictures we usually get over 70lbs of fish
  2. It's been a while since I've been out on that lake but supposedly there's a lot of big muskie coming out of it now. If a 20 pound muskie don't light a fire under his ass, not sure what will ya know?

  3. The flats are a good bet this time of year.Nightcrawlers and jigs,harness and crawlers. Work the breakline and you should pick some.Good luck.