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Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by mcmd8700, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Any good word coming out of Brookville lately?
  2. Don't run boat at night faster than wake/idle speed...they'll get ya'. $117. I was going 15, I guess, faster than no wake speed but not unreasonable at all. Be careful!

  3. Hit brookville for couple of hours on friday with the wife, fish were biting on windy points on rattletraps, lost my biggest small mouth of the year (5lbs?), few casts later hooked into about 4 lb eye and got him to the boat then realized that I'd left my net at home-tried to scoop him with my hand but he slipped off. -Sporto
  4. the eyes usually are on this time of year, find the bait and snap spoons. last year most of the fish were tward the dam at this point, but could be pretty shallow
  5. PGV16


    New to fishing Brookville for Walleyes. Have been a few times and been skunked. Any advice would be helpful. Have heard jigging flats and trolling work well, but looking for advice on location/lure presentations.
  6. I mainly fish B-ville for bass, but I have also caught numerous eyes on jerkbaits, cranks, and a few dragging tubes. Most of the guys I talk to who target eyes are vertical jiggin' for them, as for spots, the best thing to do is grab a map. B-ville is pretty deep and the breaks are easy enough to find. -Sporto.