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  1. Does anyone have any helpful tips for bass fishing at Brookville? I will be going out there for the first time this evening and tomorrow morning. Thanks in advance.

  2. Kevin, good luck. I fished there Friday from 6am to 1 and caught zero bass. Supposedly, they are in 30 fow or even deeper on main lake points, I saw lots of baitfish at that depth near Fairfield marina and Hannah creek being busted by bass/crappie/white bass? I caught one white bass on a shad crank and a catfish on a jig but no bass. My family came around 1 and we bluegill fished for a few hours and I finally caught one LM - 17" but skinny as heck up in Elly creek on a green pumpkin jig/pig in 6 fow. kids caught a few crappie and bluegill...then we drove around and tubed...

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    I have done best bass fishing at Brookville targeting deep drop offs on main lake points in the summer. This time of year the bite is usually tough for me, most I catch have been on tubes or finesse worms. I have also caught a few on crankbaits and rattle-traps. Fished it twice in the past week for walleye, only 1 16" walleye, several white bass, and one small catfish. The white bass have been busting shad up on the flats both times...just look for the gulls.
  4. I would try the deep points close to the damn, big tube or creature bait. I did read in one to the magazines about putting a 1oz or heavier weight about 10 -12 feet up the line on a crank bait to get it down in deep water, have wanted to try it but have not made it over there yet. I have also had luck in Hannah creek and Templeton creek going back to the gar hill ramp. hope it helps - enjoy the water
  5. stay on the lower end of the lake, its mostly smallies there. i would throw a spook in the morning, i catch alot of them on fishing for striper and whites on the dam in low light. a deep would probably be the most efficient way to fish for them when the sun gets out. also i see many black basses in less than a foot of water in that lake while walking the bank, there are many small coves and dents that they like to stay way back in and feed.
  6. Had a decent trip for the first time fishing Brookville. Fished between 7-10 PM last night, and 6-9 AM this morning. Landed 4 largemouth between a pound and 2 1/2 lbs, 2 smallmouth (one 12" and one 16"), a couple of smaller ones and a channel cat that I initially thought was a huge bass.

    Thanks for the tips, but all of our fish came relatively shallow (like 4-8 ft, probably b/c we were fishing in late in the evening and early in the morning) on crankbaits, for the most part.
  7. What parts of the lake did you fish and catch? You did better than I thought you would have, were you near the dam or up near the river?...good job...
  8. We fished mostly near standing timber w/ rocky bottom around midlake cuts and coves.

    My buddy fished with a shallow diving Strike King sexy shad, and I threw a Rapala DT-7 Flat Bleeding Olive Shiner (caught one on that), but changed to a smaller RC 1.5 crankbait (the translucent one, I can't remember the name, Ghost Minnow maybe??) when I saw that the fish were feeding on very small baitfish in very clear, shallow water.

    I also caught one on a T-rigged pumpkin/chartreuse ringworm fished around brush.

    The fish drilling bait on the top must have been very small, b/c I was drawing strikes on a Skitter Pop between 3 and 13 FOW, but never had a hookup.

    I'll definitely be going back; that's a beautiful lake (a LOT of pleasure boaters though).

  9. Nice report, whiskers! I especially like that you were able to fish shallow and "match the hatch" to make it work. I think even the ringworm fish you caught were mistaking that for a dying baitfish...
  10. if you get the chance to go on a Sunday night or Monday it seems fishing is pretty good because the lake has had a chance to calm down.
  11. congrats on a good day fishing a new lake. I had an excellent day at whitewater lake right next door not too long ago. Me and a buddy pulled in about 40 largemouth all 1lbs and under but it was a great day.