brookville team tournys?

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  1. Hey guys, looking for some input on brookville team tournys. I've seen that both usa bassin and midwest have circuits on b-ville, anyone have opinions on which is the better circuit, turnouts, payouts, etc. Thanks for any info. -Sporto
  2. I don't fish any bass tourneys, but I know that at least one of those groups meets up at Parkside Marine. You might call Parkside & talk to Jeff or Diane, and they might be able to give you some info.

    If you're interested in fishing any walleye tournaments, I fish with a group from Indiana Walleye, and we have a 100% payout tourney every 2-3 weeks from May thru September. Because of Indiana rules, the field is limited to 14 boats, but we usually get 8-10. It's also a great group of people.


  3. always like Midwest Sportsman tourneys. Robert run a great tournament with some good sponsor backing him. If you want to qualify for the national championship all the better.... Dan
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    Hello just thought i'd drop you the 2008 schedule for Midwest Sportsman at Brookville Lake.

    4-6-08 Templeton Ramp
    5-4-08 Templeton Ramp
    5-18-08 Garr Hill Ramp
    6-29-08 Garr Hill Ramp
    7-27-08 Garr Hill Ramp
    8-24-08 Garr Hill Ramp

    All Sundays

    Contact: Robert Thompson
    (513) 205-4549

    you can also visit the web page for the Brookville and Tanners Creek divisions.