Brookville Lake

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  1. I'm going to be camping there over memorial day weekend. Is there any good fishing from shore?
  2. there are lots of good shore fishing opportunities at brookville that time of year depending what you fish for. the wb are in the creek in the back in the spring and move to the dam around that time. there is good catfishing pretty much everywhere on the lake for channels. you can catch eyes that time of year in the creek in the back and trout below the dam. i never have tried it but i'm sure if you just dunk minnows under a bobber you will be rewarded by somthing

  3. riverKing is right, plenty of shoreline to fish - if you are camping at the mounds you can go several places around the boat ramp and make sure you drive to the beach...some nice spots there and you will see them from the road. If you are brave (not sure what the ground will be like) you can go to the far end of the parking lot at the ramp, by the rest rooms, and slide down the hill. Just remember you have to get back up :)

    If you are at Whitewater you will see everything from either the beach or the boat ramp. Also, if you are up for a drive just check out any of the launch ramps around the lake. Oh yeah, the other campground is Quakertown, nice place and plenty of shore to fish.

    If you get a chance, go to the little bait shop across from the mounds entrance - Parkside Marine - great rolls and coffee in the morning and some good pics to look at. Jeff and Dianne (owners) are good people and will tell you whats up with the fishing.
  4. We are going to be camping at the Mounds. I would love to catch a few eyes. Haven't really caught any around here since I left North Dakota, except for my few trips up to the Maumee River. I went down to look at the camp grounds this past weekend and drove to the boat ramp and the Beach. Looked like there was alot of low water and alot of dry lake bed. Thanks for your info. Hopefully, this trip will produce a few fish.
  5. make sure you check the size limits on eye's - it should be 12 or 14" i think
  6. That would be 14" for the size limit, and if you're serious about targeting eyes on Brookville, log onto the forums @ for information. Should start heating up in mid April.
  7. there a big difference between brookville and the maumee, first they actually eat and you dont need to snag them:p , second though there are big fish expect them to be under 20 or so inches for the most part, though some days they are all bigger. bring spoons and bladebaits they have caught more fish for me there than everything else combined. the reason the lake looked low is they are attempting to keep it at winter pool. as said before check the other sites for info on them, i have never tried shore fishing for eyes that time of year, they may be out of reach by then, but i have gotten them from a canoe around that time. good luck while your there and report how you do!
  8. i would check with jeff and diana at parkside marine and more. jeff knows the lake and whats going on it. they both are top notch people, and put on a great tourney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the lake is a great eye fishery this close to cincy. like said before check for fishing reports.