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    I could use some help on some things to try over here. I've hear that hopkins spoons are very popular here for walleye, and not too much else information. I could use some help on tactics and general locations to give a shot. I will be night fishing more than likely for walleye, and possibly taking a shot at some stripers as well. Please help, and any info you could give would be great. Feel free to email me as well;
  2. fairfield flats is easy, usually productive, but very popular, its better late summer than now i think, but there are fish there. there is also a beach near the back causeway that is supposed to be great this time of year, and the points may always have fish. many people fish jig/crawler or a harness, i dont like bothering with the gills perch and small channels doing that. trolling cranks is supposed to be effective but i have never tried it. spoons and blades on fairfield flats has worked every time i have tried, and i fish it in a canoe(not advisable). as for the stripers, i gave up on that lake for them, but if you have the urge, try on a rainy day or at night off of the dam with swimbaits and topwaters, i havnt landed, key word, any stripers doing this, but some people do. you always manage to catch something doing this, usually big white bass and some pig smallies

  3. Whats the least crowded boat ramp to put in at, is it the dam/mounds/garr hill or fairfield? Also a decent campground to visit?

    Thanks for any help
  4. Rapala - all the ramps are busy, but, Hannah Creek ramp is the most protected from the open water. If you are camping at the Mounds they have the best ramp - open to campers only.

    Garr Hill is good but shallow and stumpy -- the idle zone is pretty long so be ready for about a 5-10 min ride out.

    As for the Damn - it's a long walk from the parking lot adn the water is usually pretty choppy because that is where most of the ski/tubing is.

    I guess it really depends on what you are doing and where you want to be on the lake?? Fairfield is in open water so I don't use it often.
  5. Madcrappiekids thanks for the input. I'm going to give the mounds a try. Do they have a bait and tackle at the mounds?
  6. stop by parkside marine and more for bait. ask jeff or diana for info on the eyes they are usually pretty good for info. when do you plan to go? you also have to get a park sticker to launch your boat. i think its about $35. good luck fishing, brookville lake is a nice lake for eyes.