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  1. Can any of you Brookville experts give me some advise on the Brookville tailwaters fishing prospects this time of year? would it be worth the trip?


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    Keep on eye on flows (USGS water data) over 3ft can be tough wading and fishing. My guys have been having luck on sculpin patterns, nymphs, (standards) mini buggers, scuds and sow bugs, Dries have been bwo's, slates and midges in all stages from 22-30's will be presant and not to overlooked. Water temps have been hoovering in the 50 degree range and holding. They are drawing down the lake but flows have been resonablely steady. I would say worth a shot but keep a close eye on the flows for a couple of days before heading out. S

  3. ditto with what 7x said, right now the big bite has been on bunny sculpins and heavy 10-12 buggers, i put a scud behind the bugger alot of the time. as soon as the water is down i'll just throw midges, just have a good mix and some really small ones
    yesterday i was unable to land any but i fished less than two hours and had two fish hooked and my friend lost one as well, this time of year you hook alot of good fish, but be prepared to miss and lose alot of fish.
  4. Ill second everything 7x said and add that US Army Cop of Engineers typically plan on having the lake down to its winter pool by Dec 15th, but every big rain adds more water to the equation for a longer drawdown, just keep watching and always check it this time of year right on the way out the door, they have a bad tendancy to adjust flows every time it drops for a day and I make plans and leave and while I am there they crank it up, happened to me like 3 times last fall....:(

    Here is the link to the USGS gauge there:,00060,00010

    I like this website: shows how far away from winter pool ( 740 ft) the lake is and how much it lowered each day:

    Oh yeah, if you are not fammiliar with the tailwater, Id suggest a wading staff and at least felt boots as the big rocks can make it tricky, especially at higher flows above 3.0 ft.

    Good luck
  5. just noticed on the indiana tu site that the water is supposed to be lowered this year around the first of december (low water year) unless of further rains, i could be wrong but i hope they do it early this year