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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishin' Coach, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Fishin' Coach

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    What should I do with my broken rod? OK I broke a custom rod a "green" blank custom st Croix, about 10 years ago it was the top of their line custom blanks--

    7' ML one piece spinning rod--no 2 inches shorter.
    Afriend of a friend of mine who no longer lives aroun me built this for me...

    1. Do I just attach another end eye, will 2" really matter?
    2. It has a lifetime replacement warranty? but do I have to cut off all the components and rebuild? No way, I have neither the skills or patience.
    3. Or last should I find a custom rod builder that would be interested in rebuilding for a fee?

    What would you do?

  2. SwollenGoat

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    I honestly don't think 2" is going to make a huge difference.
    Replace with new tip, glue and off you go.

    HOWEVER, wouldn't hurt to contact St. Croix and see what your options are.

  3. fisherman5567

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  4. new tip and go catch a large fish
  5. New tip should do. Talk to StCroix....maybe they would offer a happy customer a new standard rod as a replacement.

    One source for good replacement tip would be in Toledo area. Tell them what you are doing, they will hook you up with a good tip and the right glue. Its easy.
  6. creekcrawler

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    I would just replace the tip.
    I usually wait til I break my rods 3 or 4 times before I toss 'em!:p
    Guess I'm pretty rough on them though....
  7. Inspect the area of the break to make sure there are no cracks extending beyond the break then replace the tip top guide. I doubt that you will be able to tell the difference in action. Just make sure you get a properly fitted tip. Don't use a low quality tip top such as you get from Walmart.
  8. Whaler

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    Shortdrift is right . Had it been shorter you could have used it for an apple thrower ! LOL
  9. I:D talk to ST croix , they gave me a new rod ,told them I busted it in the trunk of my car . [the lady at the desk said a muskie did it.] [I was in there shop in IN WIS ,]
  10. Do a search for replacement rod tips or just rod tips. You'll find em. Sortdrift is right. Replace with a quality tip. you wont notice very much difference if at all.