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broken rod eyes

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by mousejam515, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. i have a old garcia fishing rod that was my grandpas. some of the eyes are broken. ware can i go and have them fixed? someware that will do a good job for kind of cheap. i herd of the rod maker shop in strongsville. but that is pretty far away from akron.

  2. Checked your profile to see where you live but it is not shown so me and others can't really give specific help. You may want to check with bait shops in your area as well as tackle shops for a recommendation.
    I am currently working on a spinning rod that was the first one my Dad bought me. The new guides and the finishing materials will cost a lot more than the rod is actually worth but it has a lot of memories so I am going ahead. :)
    I can't help but feel that your situation will be the same.
    Maybe someone can direct you to a site that shows how to do it yourself as it is not that difficult.

  3. are the eyes thread wrapped...or tape? If they are thread use nail polish remover on them and this will soften the old glue so you can just peel off the thread. be careful not to get this on the rod anywhere but the thread as it could take the finnish off. I am not sure of your rod but I am guessing that the eyes will come right off after this. There is eyelet tape that you can pick up at most places that carry parts. You can also restring if it is a string wrap. If it has a kind of seal wrap around the eyes you must be carefull and slice this off with a razor and not cut into the rod. The place to start the cut is right under the round part of the eyelet as this usually has a little space between the eyelet and the rod. I have some eyelets that might match up if you are trying to get the same ones. It is really not that hard to do. Just take your time. Got a Pic?
  4. it kind of looks to me like its both thread and tape. i might be able to get a pict. i fixed one of them with some hot glue and string. but the other one is missing the round part. i dont realy think i want to try and do it my self because i make a mess out of everything i ever do with paint or glue.