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brittany puppy male for sale new thread

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by chicKen oF the C, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. don't know why the otther thread is closed

    okay, i have had several pm's, emails and one message on my home number (call) on this last puppy. if you are interested please call my cell phone at 937 597 1192 and leave your name and number. i have this pup listed on three different sites and am having trouble figuring out who is who. and who to contact first. thanks. first $50.
    amazing what a $50 drop will do for sales! this puppy is really worth 5 times that.
  2. trucked


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    he sure would go good with my 2 yr old Britt.

  3. thanks guys for the comments. looks like the price is going back up. the guy i bred with has a man looking for a pup. if he doesn't buy him next week, i am probably just gonna keep him. he is way to good looking to give away for $50 bucks. plus he is a big long legged male, which i really like in a brittany any way so i think if this guy doesn't get him i'll just keep him. thanks for the responses and tell judith, she really missed a heckuva opportunity on a fine bloodline and a great pup. like i said before this dog is worth five times what i was asking (50) $250 easily. thanks again
    if anything changes i'll let ya know ,but thats where i am right now.
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    Just keep the dog yourself. It isn't worth the 50 bucks to sell him the way you feel about him. He will get all the love he needs from you man. Don't do it. Keep him and love him to death.
    Here's my 2yr old boy,

    Later Bro