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  1. I have a 10 month old female Brittany pup that needs a new home. Due to me getting a divorce and my work schedule she is now left alone at home for 16 to 18 hours a day and I don't think it's fair to her. She has recently began scratching at her face and has rubbed a bald spot around her eye and the vet is telling me it is separation anxiety from being alone so much. I don't have a pic so I'll describe her. She is 3/4 Brittany Spaniel and 1/4 Lab. She looks like a Brittany but is colored like a lab. She is Chocolate colored with a white chest and a little dab of white on her paws. She is a very energetic pup. She loves to run and play in the yard. She loves other dogs and even cats but she plays very rough. I think she could make someone a bird dog if you worked with her. I have never tried to work with her on birds but every now and then she will point birds out in the yard. She has never had any formal obedience training but she knows basic commands like sit, stay, down and she is house broken. She is also micro chipped if she was to ever get lost but the chip has not been registered so you could register to you for $19. I would prefer that she go to a home where she would be aloud to live in the house. I no longer have access to the Internet unless I come to a buddies house to use their computer so if you are interested please call me at (614)452-0132. Please leave a message with a number if I don't answer.
  2. I found a pic of her in my gallery on page 4. Pic titled Cassie. For some reason I can't figure out how to put it up, so you can go into my gallery and see her. That pic is the day I brought her home when she was seven weeks old but at least you can see what she looks like. She looks the same just bigger. Also I forgot to mention that she is up to date on all her shots and I will give you all her vet records. My soon to be ex wife works at a vet hospital so she has been very well taken care of.

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    Oh man, she's a cutie !!
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    I will take her if still available. Will call this morning Thanks
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    if lumberjack does not take her I know my parents would love to have her. she would be an inside dog and probably go with my mom all day since she has her own business. thanks good luck
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    Let us know how this works out... made the mistake of showing Jill this thread and now she is asking me what happened to the dog all the time. Would like to hear a happy ending... or beginning I should say.

    BassBlaster, I hope all works out good for you as well...
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    If this dog is still available I'd love to take her. I love to hunt, my uncle has a great dog we take to illinois and my dad has been wanting to get a pup for a while now. We would spoil it to death and it would definetely have a good home with us. PM me if you still have her, I'm just west of dayton and would easily come get her.
  9. Thanks all. I believe she has found a new home. She is being picked up Friday evening. If anything changes I will let you all know but it sounds like she has found a new happy home. This really kills me to have to do this but it's only fair for her. She has only been in my family for 7 or 8 months but she is like my kid. She will be missed. Maybe her new owner will make a fine pointer out of her and then one day I could tag along and shoot birds off her!! Thanks again all.