brisket ala montreal

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  1. I slathered a brisket flat last night with Dijon mustard then rubbed with Montreal Steak seasoning. Fired up the smoker and got it on about 830 a.m. Hit about 152 and just stayed there forever till finally started climbing again. Foiled it about 175 and continued cooking in smoker till internal of 195. Took off and put in oven to "rest" for half hour. I couldnt taste any of the Dijon but the montreal seasoning was really good in my opinion. I liked it better then traditional paprika based rubs. Overall, I think it could of used a little more smoke and maybe even take it till 200 then cooler it for several hours. Still turned out pretty good, just ran outta patience and was hungry!

    I also threw on a pork butt that had been curing for ten days with "buckboard bacon" cure. took that too 140 internal then foiled and let rest till it cooled. I'll slice that puppy up tomorrow for bacon.

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    last week-end i bought a brisket and ground it for burgers.i didn't use much seasoning an it made some of the best cheeseburgers i've ever had!
    i'm gonna have to invest in a larger grinder though.

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    Looks good boatnut!! Looks nice and juicy in the pic.