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Briggs 5HP 4 stroke

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by JCsHOOK, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Has anyone used the 5HP Briggs for a trolling motor? I have a 17' Tracker Magna {V bottom} with a 60HP and it is hard to troll under 2mph even with a plate. I also like the idea of the 4 stroke.
  2. I had one as my main outboard, and loved it! The only thing was the exaust. Sounds like a lawnmower going across the water! I have the only one in this area that I know of!

  3. I talked to the people at Briggs about the noise that the motor makes, and they say it is simply a lawn mower engine and will make the same amount of noise. Well I'm not wild about having a lawn mower in the boat with me. So I ask why it wasn't designed for the exaust to discharge under water like all other outboards. They claim the only reason was the cost. I'd like to know somone that has one so I could build an exaust pipe for it and see what it does for the niose level.
    How many years have the outboard companies been making small 4 stroke outboards? I notice you dont see many compared to 2 strokes. The reason I would like a 4 over a 2 is my 60hp Johnson has the VRO fuel pump so I have a gas tank and a oil tank. I would like to just plug the gas line on the kicker and go.
    Any one have a used 4 stroke 6 - 10 hp for sale? Thanks JC