Bretheren Michigan - Fall Salmon Fishing - Need Cottage

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by ErieAngler, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. ErieAngler

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    Does anyone own a cottage or know of someone who would have one that would be available this September 27th through the 29th? I would be in debt. We have 6 people.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Homey

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    Where in MI is this? Near what river/port? I grew up in MI and do not know of this town. I may be able to help.

  3. ErieAngler

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    It's on the Manistee R. near Tippy Dam.
  4. ErieAngler

    ErieAngler Still Deadly w/ The Net

  5. there was a place i always stayed when i went up there and fished tippy, but the name is something i will work on for you. It was rel nice private cottages open lodge and resturant, relly nice fish cleaning house and freezer for guest fish. If your not stuck on fishing tippy and the manistee i would stronly encourage the betsy way easier to fish and in my opion more fish.its about 30 miles north of there. I will be up there sept 14-19 staying at a campground that is right on the river in Benzonia. wake up step out of camper into waders then fish on oh man i cant wait. il try to get you a number for those cottages good luck

  6. hey Erieangler the name of that place is the wellston inn contact info
    17204 sixth street wellston mi 49689 phone number 231-848-7400
    the website is check them out its really a nice place and its pretty cheap for what you get. let me know what you decide i may be up there during the time you said you would be up there. maybe we could meet up and share some honey holes.
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    My parents lease a lot for their camper at the same campground during the month of september...You hit the nail on the head, wake up, put your waders on, and walk 5 min to the river..Doesn't get much easier :)
  8. The Lumberjack Lodge is right down the road from the Welleston Inn. I was just up there, if I would have seen this I would have checked things out better.