Breaker issue???

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by OSU_Fisherman, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Got the boat out with Trucked (Steve) on Sunday so he could show me the ropes a little. When we started out, he went full throttle for a bit, then we settled into the middle of Oshay to check out all the electrical components and stuff.

    Then, we idled around Twin Lakes and down to the zoo then back up... probably 30 minutes or more of going 5 MPH. Then, with me driving I got it up to around 48 MPH and it died... the breaker inside the battery hatch had popped. Any ideas?

    I should mention that I installed a new battery Sunday morning and I am only 99.95% sure that all wires are in the right place. But, all electrical components, gauges, aerators, ect were working fine.

    I'm going to try brushing the spark plugs off with a wire brush then take it up to Alum tomorrow afternoon and see if that helps. If not, am I just going to have to buy a new breaker or is there a larger issue involved?
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    did you notice if anything was hot or smell anything burning? are the wires clean and tight? is the battery tied down and away from all metal or in a battery box?

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    No, I did not smell anything burning. I didn't check to see if anything was hot...but there wasn't anything smoking at least.

    The battery is not as secure as I would like. It sits in a tray with 2" sides... but one of the sides is busted off I guess from removing batteries in the past. Also, one of the tie-downs is missing, but the other side is secure. I'll buy another tie-down tomorrow if I can find one that's the same.

    I'll probably just buy another breaker while I'm at it and throw it in there.... it can't be that expensive can it? Would Gander carry the breaker I'm looking for?
  4. Well I will put down the things I mentioned on the phone...

    Replace your breaker, it's probably old, and if that doesnt fix it then something is drawing too much current and causing it to trip. This could be your battery is shorting out somewhere or the only other thing able to draw enough current to trip your outboard battery breaker is the electric starter motor...make sure it isnt touching the flywheel when the engine is running.