Brave the weather

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    I'm heading up to Pittsburgh Sunday for the game, bad news is the expected snow storm Saturday into Sunday. It reminds me of two seasons ago, that year I attended the Bears/ Steelers game. The Steelers were 7-5 and had an embarassing loss to the Colts before. We watched the game in a near white-out. The Steelers won and didn't look back winning out all the way to the Super Bowl. Hopefully history can repeat itself this year.
  2. For my Son

    For my Son Fish to enjoy time with my boy.

    Good MOJO Fishnasty!!
    have a great time at the game. I will be sitting in the woods. If I dont get one Saturday.


  3. Have a great time at the game FISHNASTY! I was at the Bears/ steeler game that year also. Watched Bettie run right over Urlacher to score a TD.