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    esox62 BORN TOO LATE

    12-5 today . trolled and casted the east end only. no takers. temps are at 59. yeah, jig is right, water is real stained from turnover. the water looks to be mixing. i always thought turnover was around 55 degrees but i guess its close enough. i always do bad at turnover time. will try again. wed.
  2. I was out Saturday evening for a couple hours until I got tired of the wind and rain in my face. Trolled the central area with no takers.

  3. Spent ALOT of time out there with no takers! Staying in the main channel till you mark bait is the way I troll it. Shad spawn in the fall in some of the bays so open water is limited.;)
  4. Trolled today from 12 to 4, that is PM Bob. Zero, but water is clearing , temp, 56 circa. In the next two weeks, someone should catch or encounter, a LARGE Musky.
  5. Hope you're right John.