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  1. I just had the brakes redone on my truck and got a set of new tires put on. Which puts me in pretty good order coming into the spring fishing season. However, I have brake dust from the old bad brakes caked all over my rims, and I can’t really get it off. Soap, Water, & Elbow Grease didn’t do the trick. So I am asking if anybody knows of a good solvent, or cleaner that I can scrub the rims with to get the brake dust off and to bring the shine back. Thanks!
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    First of all what type of material are the rims made of? I have always had success with Nevrdull wadding polsih. this is good on all metals. You also may want to invest in brake dust gaurds for it too.

  3. MeanGreen that stuff works great.
  4. Give up and get a can of black spray paint:D
    I have the exact same problem on my truck. I have aluminum rims.
  5. go to autozone and get a bottle of A-Z Wheel Clearner and make sure its A-Z, it is a very strong cleaner. i use it on all vehicles to clean the rims, basicly u spray it on then wait a few then spray it off with water, if it doesnt come clean the first application repeat, if after that it doesnt come clean it should have atleast broken down the break dust enough that soap and water and some scrubbing will work. and trust me ull watch the brake dust trickle off with this stuff. itll cut the clean time on ur rims ALOT when doing a regular wash too.

    P.S. MAKE SURE ITS A-Z they have aluminum and chrome cleaners A-Z is the safe route cause it covers all types.
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    If you have aluminum rims be very careful what you used on them. READ the can before you spray it on Aluminum rims. Some of these cleaners will damage the finish on your rims. I use dishwashing detergent on my rims and they look like new. I've used both liquid and power type. Mix it up in a bucket and used a soft scrubber to clean the rims. Then use a wax on the rims after they are clean. The best way to prevent brake dust is to upgrade to ceramic brake pads. I put them on last year and never had any dust since then. I have 4 wheel disc on my truck and no more dust on any of them. They cost more but they are stronger, and stop better than the regular brakes do.
  7. agrees with DaleM on the Aluminum Rims, A-Z Cleaner will work on them but not as good, and the Aluminum Cleaner i used when i had Custom Aluminum Rims was Mothers, then used the Mothers Power Ball and Wax u wont get a better shine from other waxes.

    P.S. i dont have aluminum rims anymore cause there a pain in da arse to clean and maintain, went to chrome alot easier to keep clean and they look much much better.
  8. only problem i have with ceramic pads is they always seem to screech or squel.
  9. I use Eagle One Aluminum Wheel Wash and a soft bristle wheel brush. I clean my wheels every time I go to the car wash and I never have a problem with build up.

    When you guys switched to the ceramic pads, do you have to buy a special rotor or just use the regular ones? How much noise do they make? My ride is going to need brakes all the way around this year, it may be a good time to upgrade.
  10. get one of the mothers powerball(red thingy) that screws in your drill...used it over and over on my rims and such and cleans up anything
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    another vote for ceramic pads. ill never use any other kind. i dont know if the dust is white or what (i read somewhere that the dust is light colored), but there is no more black residue.

    no, its the same type and size of pad, its just made of different materials. personally i havent noticed any squealing problems.
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    Not sure what causes the squealing but I dought if it's the ceramic brakes. I have put them on several vehicles I have worked on and have never had anyone of them say they have squeaks or squealing. You may need to replace the rotors if they are worn or pitted.
    I will never put anything else on my vehicles except ceramic pads again.
  13. You also may want to invest in brake dust gaurds for it too.
    Word of warning to you about these,sometimes they will cause your rotors to warp from not enough air flow;)
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    My fishing truck is an 89 chevy with 170k miles on it (new engine) on it i would use a $1 can of dollar general spray paint :} I love my old truck
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    Get a Mother's power ball they hook to your drill, get some of thier polish. Job done easy and quick.
  16. Well I found out that I have chrome rims. Once the weather warms up I will try and give some of these methods a whirl. Thanks for all the help!