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  1. Alright guys, here's the idea.....but I'm going to come to you to help me make it work. I know one of you has surely tried it before, or has some great idea I haven't thought of.

    I bought a hitch extender (three foot out the back, then 90 degrees up with a "T" at the top) for a pickup to haul a canoe this summer. I was looking at that thing and though how cool would it be if I could modify it to take along on those overnighters to Erie to use as a fish cleaning station! It would be away from the truck far enough that 2 guys could stand on either side! Maybe even some lights wired up to finish it off! Give me your ideas on how to make the fish cleaning station that would attach to it and maybe we can all benefit by the OGF ingenuity! The possibilities could go on and on....could make a great tailgater too!


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    I would mount a stainless top with a drawer for your knives, latex gloves and ziploc bags. If not stainless then Corian. You could mount a single bulb to it, with an adaptor for you hitch plug. I can't draw or I would give you a better example. If you really want to get fancy, mount a small weather proof converter inside the drawer for electric knives. Use a lead from the trailer plug to power that as well.

  3. There is ALOT you can mount on a hitch. I use mine as a bike rack. Ive raised the hitch like you mentioned and hang bikes on it when the boat is in tow. Saves alot of space with 4 boys and 2 adults.