Braided line on spinning reels.

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  1. How many of you guys out there have braided line on your spinning reels. How well did u like it? Would you prefer mono over the braided if you had the choice?
  2. I like it if I need 10# or better strength line. But if I am panfishing I still prefer mono or better yet flourocarbon in the 4# test. It gives great sensitivity, nearly as good as you will get with braid when tossing very light jigs. Where I think the flourocarbon and even mono excel over braids is that you can get the jigs down to the fish easier. Braids have buoyancy and because of that I feel the only way I can work say a 1/16th ounce jig at 10+ feet deep is to go at a crawling pace. But with flourocarbon it doesn't take that long to sink a jig and it will stay down much better. So I think the key to which one is better for you is what you will be fishing for. I have a couple of reels that have the spare spool and I have braid on one and flouro on the other.

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    Got all the perchin rods on the boat spooled with the stuff.
    I think I used 12 or 14# test. When fishin 40-50 ft down, it makes a big difference! It's amazing how much stretch you get with mono.
    Also got all the saltwater rods spooled up with it too.
    I've heard people have trouble with it casting, but I never did.

    I wouldn't use it on my ultra light action river rods or steel head gear or anything like that though. Sometimes you want the stretch/cushion mono gives you.
  4. I use braid on spinning reels all the time. Fireline works best IMO. I like 8-10lb, anything over that gets harder to cast. I've never really needed anything stronger then that, just set my drag accordingly. 10lb braid is very strong stuff!!
    IMO - braid works great on a spinning reel, prefer it over anything! You may want to tie on a fluoro leader in some circumstances. I switched to braid and will never go back to mono, hate that stuff. I don't fish for crappie or panfish though.
  5. I agree with the perch jerking. Braid is by far the best option for that presentation.
  6. i turned into a braded guy over the last few years. I like to perch fish with it and I also use the lighter stuff to troll for steel. It holds up great and seems to last much longer then mono. I fish with guys that are mono guys and will not even try my braded. You can really feel the perch bite on braded.
  7. I have some of the 10# but I have used 20# as well with no problems. My favorite brand is PowerPro.
  8. bkr43050,
    Have you tried the Fireline versus the PowerPro on a spinning outfit?
    I have PowerPro on my trolling rods and like it alot, just haven't tried it on a spinning reel yet. I'll have to give it a try if you say its better. :)
  9. I have used the 20# Power Pro a good bit on my spinning reels and I do like the way it handles. I have one reel set up with the 10# and it works well also but I have not used it as much as that reel mostly is for panfishing and gets flouro most of the time. The Fireline seemed to create more wind knots (especially for my kids) than PP.
  10. I used it for 2 years while bass fishing (primarily) and it works...I've since gone to fluorocarbon.

    I also know that alot of walleye guys are going to braid (Power Pro specifically) for fishing in the weeds.

    I can honestly say that if it weren't for shallow crankbait fishing and top water aplications...I probably wouldn't have mono on any of my reels.
  11. I have Fireline on all my Spinning Reels, all are tipped with floracarbon, from 4 to 6 feet,. I fish for steelhead crappie, walleye, etc. Fish the Niagara River, Lake Erie, and a lot of the local lakes. Now Fireline has made me swear at it at times but I swear by it., The greatest thing invented since white bread, Some of my rods have smoke, some yellow and some crystal. As you can tell I Love it.
  12. I've tried both power-pro and fireline on my spinning reels. The power-pro is still being used and the fireline was tossed before the first outing was over.
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    i prefer mono or a copoly for most applications.the two exceptions are for jerkin' perch and vertical shines in those areas.mono just can't give you the sensitivity that is so helpful there.especially in deep water and with blade baits.
  14. You Fireline users should give Stren Superbraid a try. I use Powerpro for muskie but haven't tried the smaller diameters. The small diameter Stren is nice and limp and doesn't have that stiff, waxy characteristic the Fireline has. Doesn't fray near as bad either.
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    Madmac, your correct.The fireline is the stiffest braid on the market.I started using Berkley Whiplash 15 years ago when it first came out on the market.Since then, I can't use anything else.The whiplash was discontinued after 2 years but I hoarded up enough to last me 20 lifetimes.I take care of my friends when they're in need of good braid.It can rarely be found on e-bay for $35.00 a 330yd spool.I've tried all others that have come out on the market since.Stren Superbraid would be my next choice, nice and limp & color doesn't fade over time.It's a very good product.........Mark
  16. I started to throw braid in spinning after I couldnt find a line that didnt have enormous amounts of memory. Suffix did ok but then it started to get a lot memory causing a lot of birds nest.

    Ive used the lighter fireline and it was ok but it frayed a lot on me. Maybe because it was the smaller diameter. I now throw Power Pro on my bait casters and spinning and seem to get a lot of birds nest. My buddies seem to have the same problem with PP. Im still just spooling PP though. I might switch soon.
  17. Fireline 4lb diameter 10lb test. Flame gree or crystal-smoke gave me too many problems.

    Any of the light pound tests pop too easy and the heavier tests limit casting with 1/4 zo or less.
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    I use Powerpro 10lb when "snap jigging" hopkins and pimples for walleye. Like setting into a cinder block. Right there. No doubts! Fireline always gave me those little twist knots that are a B.... to get out of baid. Mike
  19. I have been using the 30 and 50 fireline for musky fishing for years without trouble. I recently switched to 80# powerpro and it works well too. I have been running 14# fireline crystal on my spinning reels without any trouble whatsoever. In the fall we where deep jigging for eyes. My buddy is still running mono and in that situation I outfished him 11 fish to 1, because of the sensitivity. At that depth he could not feel the light bites like I could on the fireline. Needless to say...he switched over.
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    I use Fireline almost exclusively on spinning reels. Only have one rod with mono.

    Is that Stren Superbraid the stuff they advertise as having Kevlar in it? I have a spool of the stuff that someone gave me that I think is 80lb test. I use that on my 13' crappie rod for dipping.