Braide Line for Big Flatheads

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Trophy Hunter, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Its almost time. I'm gearing up for the upcoming Flathead bite. This year I'm considering a braided line. What's the best out there. I have never used it.

    I'm fishing the Great Miami; which has moderate current. I think the smaller diameter, as opposed to mono, will allow my bait to sit on the bottom with a lighter wiehgt. i.e. less surface area= less drag.

    What are the pros and cons? I usually use co-polymer.

    Trophy Hunter
  2. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    Braids are less abrassion resistant than Mono's. If you are fishing heavy cover or rocky areas, you might be better off to stick with the line you have been using before.

  3. The ability to hold down a 2oz weight with a 6in chub or shad might just be worth the the loss in abrasion resistance. Not to metion I'm pretty sure I'm fishing a gravel substrate. I do have a little wood and rock cover though.

    I think I'll at least try it (until I lose a big fish).

    What are some good brands. Spiderwire claims to be the best. I'm sure they all make that claim in so many words. Is this in someone's universe of discourse?
  4. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    I didn't like Spiderwire as much as Power Pro when I used braids, but I have switched back to mono and flouro lines.
  5. When I used to fish the Scioto for flatties we always used Dacron braid (50-80lb) not the super braids. Current was slow to moderate at best and we used baits but to 10-12". Braid is not good for rocky areas but the dacron we used performed great in the wood and brush.

  6. tomb

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    From personal experience Fireline seems more abrasion resistant than Powerpro, Gorilla Braid, Spiderwire, and Ripcord. I've used 14# Fireline for leader material when Gar fishing. Never had one bite off. Fireline is slightly thicker than the others, but not by too much.
  7. I like the Stren Super Braid. I would tie on a mono or fluorocarbin leader for the abrasion resistance and in case you snag its easier to break off.

    I've found the Stren handles really well, I haven't lost any distance in casting and it lays on my spinning reel better than the others.
  8. i like mono for cats but dacron works very well. on the both the gmr and the lmr i personally use 30lb mono but i use 2-4ounce no rolls, very rarely do i have problems staying down. when you bounce bait size to redhorse and carp over 10in, well i dont fish really heavy cover so i stick on 3ounce and hope for the best:D