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  1. I guess I had to brag to someone, the wife and I were informed that we have to go to the Akron City Council Chambers tomorrow because our 7 year old daughter is receiving the "Do The Right Thing" award from the police dept.

    She came up with the idea to set up a lemonade stand at a yard sale and donate all money to the APD K9 unit. All her own idea. After 2 days, she had $50, then went into her own bank and got 5 more. I took her to the training center to meet the officers and dogs, and I think she enjoyed that more than fishing with Dad. She's donated 8 inches of her hair to wigs for kids twice now, all her idea. I guess my worries of doing a good job as Dad have started to subside now, all that is left to really worry about is BOYS!!

  2. :) Sounds like a great kid for 7 yrs old. But remember that it also takes great parents too!!Congrats to all of you!!

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    Well said Daveo..

    Congrats to you your Daughter, sounds like she is destined for greatness!!
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    awesome news and congrats. Be sure to take a few pictures to show off on here after the ceremony, we all will be waiting for stated above, her parents must of rubbed off on here in a good way, a big congrats goes to mom and dad for a job done right.
  5. Apples ALWAYS fall inside the shadow of the tree.

    Families are what kids need most. Kids with values are not accidents.
  6. That is great! You should be very proud of your daughter! Keep up the great parenting.