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Brady! Brady! Brady! Brady!!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Chucky, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Trade off Fry and Anderson!! Keep Dorsey and Quinn!!
  2. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

    i think dorsey looks better then frye or anderson.brady had a pretty soft defense to throw against but his passes were pretty acurate. go browns

  3. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    get rid of brady hes just an irish man. no good
  4. before you get your hoped up to high and decide to hate him when he struggles, remember this,he was playing a 3rd team defense that was playing prevent and he was throwing 8 yd dump off passes b/c of that prevent defense. Dont go Brady crazy he still has a long way to go. Against the Browns first string defense in practice it isnt a pretty sight watching him play.
  5. I agree...I DID see a confidence, accuracy, & he stood in well when rushed, so there is hope, but he's not ready to be the starter yet. I think he'll be okay, but as stated above, let's see what he can do against a starting defense. Just hold the applause for the game where he throws 2 or more "picks", & it'll happen at some point. I'm getting a feeling that the odd man out in all this may be Anderson or Frye. Dorsey has more familiarity with the Offensive Coordinator than any of the rest, you KNOW Brady stays, & those other 2 guys really haven't shown pick is "Goodbye Anderson!"
  6. Yes it was against a 3rd team defense, and yes it was a prevent defense, he took what the d gave him. I will say that at least it was something positive from the QB position and from what I have seen from the first 2 preseason games I think he deserves to show what he can do against a first team d in a game situation, even he could fumble the first snap! LOL!
  7. All the facts stated before hand are correct, but he did look really good for his first NFL game. He is a rookie and is not ready to start, but give him credit for a great first performance.

  8. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

  9. krustydawg

    krustydawg KrustyDawg

    Here we go.......3 years ago the chants were Charlie ! Charlie ! Charlie ! How soon we forget. I am a Browns fan, but we have one of the most ignorant fan bases in the NFL. Everyone is so starved for a winning team they think with their heart and not their mind. Quinn no doubt is the future, but he needs to learn to crawl, walk and then run. He's not stepping into a dream situation like Roethlisberger did when he entered the league.
  10. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    I thought Quinn handled himself fairly well even if it was late in a preseason game. Was not a big fan of this pick in the draft but hope I'm wrong.

    The 1st team offense look confused and disorganized the entire time they were in. You would of thought this was the first time some of them had played football. Still love em!
    Go Browns
  11. Let's not ruin yet another quarterback and allow Brady to develop his potential into true ability at the NFL level. He will be a great quarterback, if we are patient enough to let it happen in time. We have a few other changes on offense that occured in the offseason with personnel and a new offense so I would not expect them to come out looking like defending Super Bowl champs just yet. :D
  12. Krusty I'm looking for anyone to lead this team to be at least a 500 team! Hell if you could throw the ball and run more then 10 yards without gettin winded the title would be Krusty! Krusty! Krusty! :p :D

    I'm looking for that QB that gives you that rush every weekend like the old Kardic Kids or the Bernie Kosar days. Sipe took control his rookie year and turned a 4-10 team to a winning team in his days. You're kind of young you might not remember the Kardic Kids. Bernie took charge in 85 to 90. As a rookie he took a losing team to the playoffs each 5 years he was there and 3 times to the AFC Championships. Tim Couch MIGHT of been a winning QB but Butch f'ed up the kid and he is begging for a job now. The only thing you got out of the Butch/Couch days was a increase in ticket prices to pay for Butches buy out of 20 some mil to leave. Not bad!:rolleyes:

    So yep I'm pumped in what I saw when Quinn was in there! I don't care if it was 1st string or 3,4,5th string. They have to be pretty good players to step on a NFL field these days. Quinn walked on to the field and took charge. Not like Fry. Like someone said, When Fry was in they looked lost and like a High School team.

    What the Browns need I think is to get the front office out of the picture. Let the coaches coach and front office supply the money.

    Ignorant Quinn fan on his way to get a #10 Quinn jersey :p :D
  13. krustydawg

    krustydawg KrustyDawg

    I am old enough to remember the Kardiac Kids ! LOL ! I wish I wasn't but I am, those were some great games to watch growing up.:D What do you mean, I can't run more than 10 yards without getting winded, come on I'm not that out of shape yet !:D I like the sound of the Krusty ! Krusty ! Krusty ! chant man that would be sweet to hear that echo in Browns Stadium !:D Anyhow, I don't mean ignorant in an insulting way (just not knowing), so please don't take it that way. We all have different opinions on the the Browns. No one is right or wrong imo, but Browns fans are notorius for jumping on the band wagon of a player that has had a great / decent game.
    The Browns definitely need a take charge / leader at the QB position and a Rookie that held out of training camp does not and will not have the respect of his teammates (yet). As for being a great athlete to be in the NFL there is no questioning that, but there is a huge difference in talent level from 1st string players to 4th string players, and he was playing against 4 string players in prevent "D" mode. I hate to say it but the Bengals and Chargers did it the right way by letting their youngster QB's sit a year and learn the system. When Quinn gets the opportunity and starts playing like he did Saturday on a consistent basis against first team "D" then go out and buy a Quinn jersey, until then let it hang on the rack. It looks like another Browns football season where I spend my Sundays out fishing and listening to them on the radio instead of on the tube. Only time will tell and nobody wants the Browns to be a winning team more than I do, GO BROWNS !!!!!!
  14. LOL! I know ya wasn't being nasty on the ignorant comment. If you fish in the Hawg Fest I'll get a crowd gathered to chant Krusty! Krusty! Krusty! when you go up to weigh your fish! Might even let the kids play with the flash lights flashing them around you! :D
  15. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    I love when people try to play down a rookie Quarterbacks success late in a preseason game with "but he played against their 4th string defense." While that may be true you have to remember that at the same time he was also playing WITH HIS 4th STRING OFFENSE!!! No Winslow Jr., no Edwards, no Lewis, no OL starters, etc. You have to give the kid credit for his exceptional play, and it was. And wasn't it nice to see someone at that position busting his a$$ trying to win a game for a change?
  16. krustydawg

    krustydawg KrustyDawg

    He'll get the credit when he begins playing in and winning games that count on a consistent basis. He has to earn that respect from his teammates, the organization and the fans. Until then he is a ROOKIE playing with the 4th string and against the 4th string. Some of you guys are ready to hand him the key to the city over his Saturday late game performance. LOL ! As far as busting a$$, what did he do that made him look like he was busting more a$$ than the other QB's ?????
  17. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    Never said I was to hand him any keys. I think Dorsey should the season for the Browns and we should trade frye to the Falcons(they're hurtin at QB right now.) And as far as bustin a$$ he did so on every play with HUSTLE and foresight. And he hustled the team together between plays, like their future leader should. He didn't look like a 4 year old lost at a carnival like Charlie Frye does every time were behind and the pressure is on.
  18. true2plue

    true2plue TEAM BATO!!

    The Browns are not going to the post season this year!!! So lets do the right thing, and sit Brady Quinn for the whole year. Then next year he'll be lickin his chops to get in there and tear some Steeler @$$!! Come on people, we need some patience!! Let this offensive line gel, we'll resign Jamal if he's productive for us, and next year will be something to look forward to!! This team isn't going to turn things around over night. Patience!!Patience!! Patience!!GO BROWNS!!!
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  19. Well said! We did see poise & confidence Saturday from Brady....the rest can be coached & that will come with time & experience. Heck, as long as I've been patient, I can wait a little least there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Upgrade O-line, drafted our QB future (I think), & the defense has been concerns are D-line & wide receiver. I DO believe they will be a little more "palatable" to watch this year.
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  20. Ahhh this is what makes football such a great sport. I was and still not a fan of the Brady Quinn pick. Browns fans are so hungry for a respectable team , including myself , that we look to annoint a hero as quick as possible.

    What I have seen of the Browns this year offers little hope for immediate improvement. Last year we could not put the ball in the endzone. In a little over 7 quarters of pre-season we still had not scored an offensive touchdown. Dorsey leads us to one and then Brady leads us to two in something like 9 minutes of play.

    The QB position in the NFL requires a lot of intangibles that the average fan is not aware of. Brady had the confidence of his team mates that were on the field with him at this particular game and this particular time. So they performed for him. If he continues this in a consistent manner rergardless if the first string or whatever string is playing the coaches will not be able to ignore it.

    Hopefully our regular season performance will allow him to sit and learn. If not you may see him starting at mid-season. If he proves that he was worth the pick then or next year. I will be ever so happy to say I was wrong.