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  1. i have a couple of bps microlite reels and both worked flawlessly until today. one has started acting up: it casts fairly fine but when you start to reel in the lure it feels like your line is twisted around the tip when it isn't...lots of tension and the spool does not freely spin when cranked.

    i took the spool and handle off to make sure everything was clean and it was. i'm really not sure how to get it apart to look further at the gears. any advice would be appreciated!
  2. i dismantled the entire reel and i'm pretty sure that if it wasn't broken it is now, lol. i don't know, everything looks ok and well greased. tomorrow i will wash everything out with fresh water, let it dry and grease it down good again. maybe something is wrong with the bearings??? getting that spring back in the bail sure did teach me some patience!!

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    Mountainman you didn't indicate if you got the reel wet or not. Usually dropping a reel in water will gum it up rather quickly yielding the symptoms you described. If you didn't get it wet, then it's probably just old grease inside turned hard and gummy. Either way, take reel apart, clean out all old grease, and re-grease lightly. Too much grease can cause problems, so go light. A little bit is better than too much. Also, when you put the reel side plate back on, put a bead of grease all around the edge of the plate to act as a sort of grease "O-ring", helping sealing out water. I always carry an extra reel with me so when I do get it wet, I have a quick backup. Good luck.