Boys first fishing trip

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  1. Took my son out at the local pond for his first real trip.First we went and dug up some worms then we caught some little gills, a couple of frogs and 1 frog that still had his tail.He had a blast reeling in those monster gills.I can't wait untill we can get out again. You forget what it is like to take someone new fishing and see how excited they get. It was a short trip but one of my favorites!!

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  2. iceberg

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    GREAT PICS! im workin on teachin the grandkids there faces are priceless!:) :)

  3. PapawSmith

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    Awesome. Those are calender photos. This is the perfect example of the difference between "just fishing" and fishing. You'll be smiling over those photos in 50 years from now.