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  1. I need a new pair of bowling shoes and wondered where some of you buy them from - where I can get a good deal. I know this is a fishing site - but we all need winter hobbies, right?? HA.

    I'm looking at either the Brunswick Zone teal/taupe or the Dexter SST 5 (grey/blue)........the cheapest I've found for the Brunswick (first choice) is $70 shipped online. All other places are $92.50, not including shipping.

    If anyone on here deals with a Pro shop that can beat this price or buys their shoes somewhere online (with free shipping) - I'd really like to know where.

    I used to deal with a local Pro shop, but the guy I always used retired - so now I'm up a creek.

  2. is all i have to say ull spend alot less on shoes there than u would at a pro shop and get a better type of shoe.

  3. I'm not sure I can help you find a better deal, but I'm happy to see you going with a quality leather shoe like the SST 5. I've only owned Linds for that very reason. Those cheap sneaker-style bowling shoes are terrible for sliding.
  4. Yeah - but I bowled my 300 with the sneaker type shoes! My main reason for getting "better" shoes (replaceable soles) is the tards that walk around and get the floors wet in their street shoes - mine are the microfiber soles that when they get wet, you're screwed. You're sticking and eating pins with your face!
  5. like net said, the sst-5 is a better shoe and ull get more control out of them cause u can change ur pads to suit approach conditions, plus if people are walking around with reg sneaks on and getting stuff on the floors get u some shoe booties, there a life saver when walking around the bowling alley. the sst-5's will last u 4 times longer than the cheaper ones ive had my linds for 15 years and just now needing a new pair.
  6. 10-4. Like bassattacker said, get yourself a $5 pair of shoe covers and keep them in your bag...problem solved...unless you're talking about wet approaches...then you're just
  7. I'm actually leaning twords the Dexter SST 1's now - the blue/black......I've found them on a website for $60 and free

    These have the suade uppers instead of the leather uppers like the Zone's do - which looks alot more comfy.........

    Definately looking into the "booties"..........especially during the winter!
  8. On the SST 1 You can't replace the slide sole. When you decide what you want let me know and I can see what I can get it for you for. I own a Pro Shop here in Akron. My shop is at Stonehedge on Tallmadge Ave. Same goes for all you guys if you are looking fro something let me know. I have had the shop for 7 year. My web site is
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    I have not had any problems with the sst's. They have the soles and heels which can be replaced. Like mentioned I would definately get the booties. They are a life saver when it is raining or snowing outside. My biggest problem is when people use powder on their shoes to try and slide. That usually ruins my night.
  10. bowling shoes. I need a size 16. I'm screwed.
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    I have the SST 5's and the sole that I use most doesn't stick to the velcro anymore. Not even 1 full season. Kind of disappointing. I'm the one with the thumb tape on the front of my shoe.:D

    I paid over 100 and I think they were rejects. (leather was wrinkly) Your better off buying them from a pro shop rather purchasing them on ebay or some of these other power selling web sites. Sometimes you get what you pay for. May be a reason why 200 dollar shoes are 1/2 price.

    BTW...2 bowling leagues this summer, am I crazy or what:D

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  13. Jim - What do you recommend and what can you do for me?? I'm looking for a shoe I can replace the sliding soles/heels - in left hand - and around $70 and under. I like the Brunswick Zone teal/taupe - for these reasons. I didn't know the SST 1 didn't have the replaceable sliding sole - thanks for pointing that out!!!! I need to get some shoes by the end of the month...........IM me back if you would like.

  14. I see most of you are from NE ohio but if any of you Columbus guys are interested in a fall men's league please let me know. We're putting together a new hdcp league at Sequoia Pro Bowl for monday nights at 6pm. League avg is expected to be around 190 scratch.
  15. that would be cool to have OGF teams all over ohio.
  16. If anyone is in the Akron area we have a scratch traveling trio league on Monday nights. We bowl 2nd shift. We bowl at 12 different centers. The team avg. is 650 max per team. Last year I took home a little over $950 prize money. We had 12 teams and pay $20 each week.
  17. I must say I never heard of "baking" the oil out of a bowling ball before. Is this something I can do at home...without freaking out the wife?
  18. Thanks. Do not bake at home your oven will crack the ball.
  19. Hunny? what temp should i cook my bowling ball at?350? but for how long? LOL:D :D :D