bowhunting restrictions?

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  1. what are the rules about hunting bow during shotgun week? Is it true that you cannot hunt bow during gun week?
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    Here is what it says on the ODNR Website... sounds like you're allowed but you need to wear the proper amount of Orange:

    Gun Season and Youth Deer Gun Season: 10 gauge or smaller shotgun using one ball or
    one rifled slug per barrel (rifled shotgun barrels are permitted when using shotgun slug ammunition); or muzzleloading rifle .38 caliber or larger; or handgun with 5-in. minimum length barrel, using straight-walled cartridges .357 caliber or larger, or longbow, crossbow (draw weight limitations same as for Archery Season). Shotguns cannot be capable of holding more than three shells.

  3. Also remember legal hours end at sunset.
  4. I never understood this regulation. Hunting time ends at the best time of the day for deer hunting!!!
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    Also remember legal hours end at sunset.


    Gun season has a number of hunters that are quite careless during broad daylight let alone having them shooting shadows at dusk.
  6. falcon2082,
    I would think that hours are established for safety reasons. Archery hunting is permitted until a half hour after sunset, except during gun season when it is sunset. The sunset restriction makes a great deal of sense to me during gun season.
  7. I have always questioned the gun hours. I think it would be safer in the morning to make legal shooting time 15 minutes before sunrise and the evening ending time 15 minutes after sunset. It would still be safe while giving gun hunters a better chance at "naturally" moving deer in the afternoon.
  8. Great point! I never thought about it in that manner. You just can't assume that everyone is going to hunt safely and live by the "rule" to not shoot at something unless you are 100% sure what you are shooting at!
  9. You know this year on Wednesday if it was 15 min after sun set it was to dark to shot safely .I us to question that law, but if its sunny or sunny and snowy the time could almost extends to 30min after but if cloudy its about the right time. Personally I don't pay to much attention to the time.It's weather I can see and see every thing in the back ground.
    I am a safe hunter and that's my # 1 concern which is also the reason for the laws. Just like the predicting weather you can't always be right with the time. Because it's weather related.
  10. There are undoubtedly days where 15 and even 30 minutes after sunset would still be enough light to hunt but there are also days where it is nowhere close to enough. So the DNR must establish a guideline that will be safe in all instances and "sunset" is the one they use. It makes perfect sense to me. Yes there are days where I am tempted to stay in the field but I choose not to. If it is left to everyone to do that then everyone's interpretation of what is "safe" is different. I really don't like the idea of walking out at that point when guys have made their own interpretation. Quite regularly I will hear a shot around my place late and I think to myself "how did they see to shoot?" Then I try to convince myself that it is just a muzzleloader guy emptying his gun.
  11. All I know is that I got out of my tree at sunset on Saturday and there was shooting up to 45 minutes after sunset all around me. In fact most didn't even start until after 5:00. There was alot of snow and it was still very light, but I still wonder how people have the nerve.