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  1. Anyone know of a spot to do some bowfishing? I'm making a trip home next month and I'd like to take my dad out there to do some bowfishing, he's never been.
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  3. I'm in Louisiana now because of military. But I'm taking leave at the end of next month to do some fishing/bowfishing with my dad. He lives in Madison. So I guess we'd be looking for somewhere in that area. Also making a fishing trip to Mosquito, do they allow bowfishing there?
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    i used to bowfish the whole northeast shore of skeeter when i was back in school. park at the state park on the south side of the causeway and cross the road and just head north. id wait until the waters a bit warmer, no waders needed then. i bet if you went into the causeway baitshop and told linda you are an OGF member you could park there without problem.
  5. I would check to see if it's still allowed, but one of the best spots for bowfishing carp is right in your Madison backyard at the Arcola Creek estuaries. Several hundred yards away from the lake is an expanse of shallow water filled with lily pads and carp. I used to go there years ago before the Metro Parks took over the area. Best place in the area.
  6. Arcola Creek? No way! That's awesome. I'm definetely gonna check out that one. Thanks a lot guys!
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    i would check with the metro parks before bowfishin arcola i bet it,s a big no no being the metro park has it. mosquito is ok been there lots of times..
  8. Yea I'll definetely do my research before I go. I know from past experience MP can be a pain sometimes.
  9. Yesterday at Nimi the carp were tailing for hours in the bays. They were at least 10 pounders. This was the bay by the very first boat launch after you turn south on Christman.
  10. I was at east branch yesterday, along with half of the people living in geauga, lol, and there were tons of carp in the shallows in the bays. Fishing was poor, but it was still fun. I have never seen the park so crowded.
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    Does anyone know if bowfishing is legal at Portage? I have seen guys doing it but it don't hurt to ask. Also if your ever around Shreve Lake please take your bow........ it's turning into a carp hole.:)
  12. I went to Arcola today, and sure enough, no bowfishing allowed. I brought my rods though and we didn't catch anything. Going back in the morning. I saw a huge Carp tailing there in the shallows by the lily pads, I wanted so bad to be able to use my bow. That would have been one of my best catches yet.
  13. When I left skeeter the other day a big camo airboa,t rigged for bowfishing with the big spotlights around the front of the boat was pulling in.
  14. That's the stuff dreams are made of right there.
  15. the carp are EVERYWHERE at skeeter in all the bays...if its allowed id try there