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bow mount trolling motor

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ollie, Jan 2, 2005.

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    Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 8:38 am Post subject: bow mount trolling motor


    I am looking for any recommendations for a bow mount trolling motor for my 18' alum center console Starcraft. I was told that I could drastically hinder the strength of the boat by removing the 3' section near the bow that now contains a little storeage compartment and a piece of 3/4" plywood on top. My starcraft has to last me a few more years and I don't want to do any damage to the structural integrity of the boat. I know I need about 80lbs. of thrust and therefore it will be a 24 volt system. I would take any recommendations that you guys can offer regarding size, price, and where to buy the trolling motor. Thanks ollie
  2. DaleM

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    I don't think you will need 80 lbs. of thrust to move that boat. I have a 19'6" fiberglass that is heavy and I run a 72 lb. thrust on it. I'd say anything above a 50 lb, thrust will do just fine. By all means go with a 24 volt if you can. Most guys that fish tournaments are using 50-72 lb. motors on their bass boats, sure the more the better it will move your boat but that size of boat you can do well with something smaller. As for removing that section, If you do just brace it with what ever you'll mount the motor to. It can be smaller as long as you have something to keep the bow tight. Check e-bay they have tons this time ofthe year. Also most stores that sell them will have them marked down this time of the year. Meijer here in Columbus had them marked down by 25-30%. Just shop around you'll find some good deals.

  3. Ollie I have a 16 1/2 starcraft Fish Master alum with a 36 pound thrust 12 volt mini kota power drive on it and it works fine. You shoud put a bigger thrust on yours these boats set high out of the water and that gives the wind more to blow on and also being alum they arent as heavy as glass. AS for removing the walk on bow i would say no i did not remove mine.The only thing i would sugest is to beef up the deck because it will flex some but it will not hurt anything i have been running mine for 25 years and still going strong . Good Luck Fishguy :)
  4. I agree with Dale that you should use EBay and you shouldn't need to go much more than 50 lbs. of thrust. I think the 67 lbs. I have is going to more than enough for my 16' glass boat. Yes, you should buy what you want but don't pigeon hole yourself on EBay. You never know what's going to be sold at one time or another. But I got mine, new in box with warranty, for $275. Motorguide bomount, foot-controlled, 24 volt, 67 lbs. I thought it a steal and then I saw the gator mount when I thought I was just getting a standard mount.

  5. Ollie,

    To add to what I already said (other site) I wouldn't remove any structural pieces form the bow. Also, I've never heard of anyone complaining of having a TM with TOO MUCH power! ;-) Lots thta wish they had more. JMO.

  6. I had 55# thrust on my 16ft Lund and wished I had more in windy weather. I have a 74# on the new 18ft that I will receive this Spring.
    If you get one with fully variable speed, not the five step selection, you will be able to handle most fishable condidtions. Just my opinion but I would opt for a minimum of 74#'s on your boat.
  7. My 16 ft has a 50PD 50# thrust MinnKota. It does okay. But a couple of things make me wish it had more thrust. For one, I like electric trolling and that 50# is just barely enough to get a crankbait wiggling and diving deep. Also, I use it for power on the 9.9 lakes and would like to go a little faster than what the 50# will do. So, I am also looking to upgrade, and maybe sell or trade my 50PD. I will stick with the MinnKota though, the co-pilot (miniature remote control) is a feature that I can't go without, now that I have had one. That really spoiled me.