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  1. Plan to hunt this evening. Thought about hunting some land I have permission on but don't know much about. Would anyone think a stalk hunt in the snow with a bow would be a bad move to pressure the deer? I would like to find some track to learn which way they move to eat and bed on this property. Sitting in my climber may shield my presence, but I won't learn much about what's what out there. Approx. 165 acres.
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  2. Scouting is always great but I think your odds of sticking a deer are greatly increased in most cases if you are in a stand or a blind. Personally I would head to the thickest stuff the property has to offer and start searching for sign. Then I would set up downwind and sit it out. You might do more harm than good for yourself in the long run if you go moving through their grounds and get busted.

  3. this time of the year, the deer are already moving, you dont have to jump them right now, I'd do like the last post said, Sit someplace that shows signs of activity and sit it out for awhile, i'd also look for a trail that might lead thru the woods, or to a watering hole, creek ect. from a food area, field.

    You'll only be seen and spook whatever might have been coming your way.

    Good luck.
  4. I actually did that this weekend. Friday, I arrived at the 600 acre farm I hunt and slowly stalked through a woods I've never set up in. I found a trail that lead from a field to the bedding area. I set up the next morning on that trail and saw 5 bucks and 2 Does. I believe I found my new stand for the first day of gun season.
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    My buddy and I discussed this very topic last night. He stressed the importance of setting up near a water source. The food is dwindling, he suggested looking for an area near water showing recent activity, lay down a little attractant, (C'mere deer or Buck Jam, etc.) And see what happens. He also stressed using your rattle bags and or does calls. I'll be out Thursday to give it a shot.
  6. I think now is a great time to scout for gun season.With the rut
    just about done the deer will be tightening thier travel routes for
    the onset of winter.
    Remember that if you do go out it's youth gun hunt weekend.
    You must wear your orange when your in the field weather scouting
    or bow hunting.
    I love the snow for seeing fresh tracks and it makes seeing deer
    much easier but remember they can see you much easier too.
  7. I would definately find the thickest area and set up down wind... Success over water sources can vary greatly depending on your area. I have no chance on my property as there is always water in the couple ponds and creeks.
    Try and find a food source- alfalfa or leftover beans are ideal... the rut is winding down so food sources will heat up.
  8. Well I decided to walk in quiet from downwind and set up near a corner of where a hill bottoms out of the woods into a Field/Marsh/Cat-Tail area. Did have a Big Old Spike come by. I know deer shed thier antlers evry year, but why would this Old Deer in pretty good shape only be a spike?
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  9. If he was truly "old" he could have been in poor health which limited his antler growth. It could also be partially due to poor genetics. Or then again maybe he was just big and not really as "old" as you figured.:p
  10. I used the bleats and rattle bags this weekend and had no luck. I even put out some Doe juice out with no luck. The Bucks I saw were moving through the area and for some reason on a mission. I tried to grunt and bleat them into bow range, but none of them had any interest. It's all about being in the right place at the right time.

    I am not saying they wouldn't work this weekend, in fact I will continue to use mine. You never know when you will get their attention.
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    Have You Been Reading This Months American Hunter???
    (This months front page is about "tracking the trophy ;))
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