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    Well i finally made it out this week..............went out on Tuesday night for the first time out in the woods about 5 and hunted till dark. it was a pretty quiet night other then the damn grey squirrels (i musta seen 20) they were everywhere !! it was a cool beautiful evening to be out and i kinda enjoyed watching the squirrels !!! thats the thing with hunting i just love sitting in the woods and watching all of the birds and animals doing their daily routines !!!

    Hunted Thursday night from about 445 till dark. i got sat down at my tree and around 545 a deer suddenly appeared in the thicket below me about 50 yds away, it turned and started heading straight for me. my heart was pounding and I had that familiar adrenaline rush and was ready !! well the deer emerged from the brush below me at about 35 yds and i could see it wasnt a buck, it was either a doe or button buck (i couldnt see a rack) i immediately decided i was gonna let her walk on by to see if there was a buck trailing or not. the crazy thing hung around eating leaves off of the small bushes within about 20 yds of me and stuck around for about 20 was fun just watching her browse . finally she drifted off up the hill within 15 yds of me and disappeared !!! there wasnt any other deer following her ..........i almost wish i wouldda took her for the meat but hey there will be other deer im sure !! it was just great to be out on such a beautiful night and SEE deer !!! im in no hurry to take a anterless deer on this property ............there is 3 BIG bucks on this guys farm and he told me that they arent shooters for him hes had several HUGE bucks and doesnt shoot any smaller then the ones that he already has mounted !! i cant wait to get one of the BIG BOYS in my sites !!!

    He told me Wednesday evening when i didnt hunt on his farm that one of the bigger bucks was in his back yard eating grass about 30 yds from his back door.................go figure !!!