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  1. I got my son an Alpine Micro compound bow for xmas. They retail for $300.00 new, but I picked this one up on Ebay in new condition. It looks really good.

    Yesterday, he was playing with it and it came apart. The string worked its way off the top cam. He didn't dry-fire it, he just drew it back and slowly released it when he said the string "stung" his fingers. The string is now off to the side of the cam. It's a 40 lb. model and I can probably squeeze it enough to put the string back on, but I'll have the local shop do it with a bow press so I don't break it.

    I'll be calling Alpine Archery, but I wondered if any of you had an idea why this happened and how to prevent it from happening again.
  2. when you say the string "stung" his fingers tells me he may have at least partialy dry fired it...had the string on my crossbow slip the first time i ever cocked it years ago and it "stung" like he%! just a guess...

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    when you say slowly relased it do you mean he let up while still holding the string or did he actually let go of the string while it was drawn?
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    It sounds like he may have partially dry fired it, but the bow could have some cam lean that may have caused it. I've never heard any complaints on that model, but anythings possible. Are you sure it didn't have a bent cam when you got it? Maybe it was dry fired from whoever you got it from? See what the Pro shop says and let them contact Alpine for you. You'll probably get further if the shop calls for you.;) Good luck.:)
  5. He claims that he just brought it to full draw and slowly let it back. I went to Gander Mountain this morning and took it with me. They put it back together and didn't charge me anything. The guy in the archery shop said sometimes that just happens and the likely cause is twisting it a bit when you draw it.

    It was funny because when I got there nobody was scheduled to work in archery and they were scrambling to call somebody in. I asked the manager if I could play with the bow press to fix it myself. He and I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how the strings were supposed to orient on the cams (it had worked off of both cams when my son drew it again). We were both stymied. Luckily, a guy showed up to work in archery just as we were leaving. He had it back together in less than a minute.
  6. i seen this happed befor . turned out the shim wASHERS WERE MISING ON ONE SIDE OF THE CAM AND HAD THE CAM TILTED .