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  1. went out Friday November 21st in the morning in the 20 degree weather and winds. At 8 am I could make out deer running thru the thicket to me. Ended up being 3 does being chased by a 6 pointer. They all went within 5feet of my tree. About 75 yds behind them I saw more deer coming on the same path right to me. This ended up being around 6 does and yearlings being chased by a basket 8 pointer. Some of these does stop 10 yds from my tree as this 8 point starts chasing all the does around in circles around my tree. About 100 yds behind this group of deer comes more deer running. I think there was 1 doe and 2 yearlings in this that was being chased by another young buck. So I have all these deer within 50 yds of my stand running like crazy. (I really don’t know how many deer I had around me, im pretty sure there ended up being 15 deer though.) That’s when I saw this massive body deer coming. I knew he had a pretty good rack but when I saw how big bodied this deer was I knew he was a mature deer and a shooter. He ended up going right under my tree and then I was able to stop him at 15 yds for a quartering away shot. Saw my arrow sticking out and knew I had lodged it in the opposite shoulder. He made it 60 yds and collapsed. Im guessing he weighed 225 field dressed, and if it weren’t for the 2 busted points then he would have grossed in the 125 area. Gotta love bowhunting the rut! new to the site so i'll see if i post pictures correctly.
    i am 6'3 to give you an idea of the size of the deer. 18" inside spread

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    Congrats on the Buck! Also, nice first post.

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    Nice kill man! Which part of the state?
  4. Nice mature deer! Congrats!
  5. he was taking in Perry county
  6. Congrats! That's a fine buck!
  7. ...OSU Fisherman said it all...Great Deer and Post...Congrats...C.L....