bought a new baitcast "combo"

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  1. I was at bps 2day and bought a 7' m bionic blade casting rod (49.94$ + tax) and the extreme bps bait cast reel (green) got it for the online pres day sale price of (49.94$ + tax) originally 75$. Spent a lil over 100 for both!

    You guys have any tips for setting drag according to lure size? Is there anybody near maumee that would show this baitcast newbie some tips and tricks for practicing!
  2. The knob on the side is for your line tension. You will need to adjust that with different size lures. Click bail and let the lure fall. I set mine to barely fall at a slow rate to avoid BACKLASHES. Then try to cast, not hard can loosen the tension up a little for more distance. Then when confident you can let her rip. Use cheap line to practice with until you get it down.Keep your thumb on the spool while casting with little or no pressure,that can also save from backlash.Eventually you will have it set so when your lure hits the water the line will come to a rest at the same time. Good luck and practice.


    Spool your reel up with some 10 or 12# mono to start, suggest a medium price mono so it is fairly limp and be sure to FILL the spool. Attach your weight and set the reel controls per the manufacturers instructions.
    Heed the previous suggestion and start with enough casting weight, say 1/2 or 5/8 ounce. Use an overhand delivery, not sidearm to start and use your thumb to control the speed of and stop the spool. Your thumb should be in contact with the exposed side edge of the spool, not the center of the spool and line. If there is wind blowing, be sure to start off casting downwind as that will save a lot of backlash. Hope this helps get you started.
  4. by exposed side on a right handed reel you mean the left side of the spool correct?
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    Go to you tube and look up how to trick for clearing backlashes.
  6. that was a cool vid!
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    I looked at that reel today and its alot better than the one I bought about 4 years ago.That one you have has the daul breaking system(magnetic dial).The one I had did not have the dial,it was terrible for backlashing, I could not tweak it enough, I always had a backlash,My suggestion would be follow the instructions about adjusting the brake near the handle,then slowly adjust the dial from 9 to the lowest settingto where you stop backlashing.Mine are set on 7 for throwing cranks and 3 or 4 for pitching.You have to get use to having your thumb on the spool and not trying to throw long distances at first.I was watching the Bill Dance show and watch how he would throw overhand,as the rod would go foreword he would turn his wrist in so his thumb would be more comfortable on the spool. Just keep praticing and you will get it.I pratice around the house out in the yard ,throwing under bushes and casting at trees casting under the boat trailer anything that might be familar to when I am on the boat.
  8. I was out casting in my drive way and I was doing fine with the dial at 6 and the fine tune set pretty good, im throwing it kind of 3/4 arm, i tend to backlash a bit with overhand, I think that is because I havnt got my new eye glasses yet so its easier to track my bait 3/4 arm casting almost sidearm! maybe thats a bad habit I dunno lol!
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  9. Ive been throwing a lot at an open field here the last couple days. Even though im 3/4 arming it I got my mag brake on 4 and my cast controll off enough that I will get a little backlash if I let it hit the ground. I am throwing around 50-60 yard cast with no backlash at all anymore, cant wait till I can go free with no break! Thanks for all the help everybody I really like my baitcaster now, soon as I "master" it ill step up to a shimano with a centrifugal brake!
  10. Sounds like you are getting it down pretty well. Just make sure when you go the first time there are no tree-limbs behind ya or over-head. They like to reach out and grab your bait,then you get to see what a real backlash will look like. Not that I have done that now mind you.:):):)
  11. I have seen this happen my friend caught his sweatshirt that was laying on his seat, that was all kinds of backlash!