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Bottom Line Fish Finder?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Eagle 1, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. I bought a Bottom Line Tournament 320 MAX last March and this summer it quit working . Was wondering if anyone else had any trouble with theirs?
  2. I have had a Bottom line xtl or tournament model for over 10 yrs and have only had to return it once and the turn around was in less than a week. For a fee of less than $125 they sent me a new updated unit. I have not sent any thing back in a long time now so I don't know how they are today.

    They should have an 800 number you could call and ask them about it.

  3. 231-744-3529 or 1-800-325-7181 Captain Gary's Fishing Specialties they can help you
  4. It has power going to it but it will not turn on. I called Bottomline and all I get is a recording to leave number and they will call back but they never call back.
  5. Make sure you check your voltage @ the connection to the unit (assuming the unit plugs into a base) Sometimes the connections get dirty. Also make sure the pins are not bent. Clean them with something abravise like sandpaper and clean with alchol (any kind will do) ha ha. If that does not work, its probably the programing.